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XmtCreateXmString(3)	   Library Functions Manual	  XmtCreateXmString(3)

       XmtCreateXmString() - create a multi-line, multi-font Xm	String.

       #include	<Xmt/Xmt.h>

       XmString	XmtCreateXmString(String s)


	    s	   The string that is to be converted to an XmString.


	    An XmString	formatted as specified in s.

       XmtCreateXmString()  converts  the  string s to an XmString.  Where the
       newline character ('\n')	appears	within s, the resulting	XmString  will
       have  a	line break. Where the font changing sequence ``@f'' appears in
       s, the XmString will switch fonts to the	font specified by the  charac-
       ters following the ``@f'' sequence.

       Three  syntaxes	for specifying a font are supported, each derived from
       the troff text formatter. If the	font name is a single character,  such
       as  `B',	that character may be specified	immediately following the `f':
       ``@fB''.	If the font name is two	characters long, such as ``CW'', those
       characters may be specified following an	`(': ``@f(CW''.	Finally, what-
       ever the	length of the font name, it may	be specified within  open  and
       close  square  brackets following the `f': ``@f[BOLD]''.	Any font names
       used in the string s should be defined in the corresponding  XmFontList
       with which the returned XmString	will be	displayed.

       The   XmString	returned   by  this  function  should  be  freed  with
       XmStringFree() when it is no longer  needed.  All  Motif	 widgets  that
       accept XmString resources make a	copy of	that string, so	if an XmString
       is created only so that it may be set on	a widget resource, then	it may
       be freed	once the widget	is created or the resource is set.

       Chapter 3, Displaying Text,
       XmStringFree(), XmtRegisterXmStringConverter().

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		  XmtCreateXmString(3)


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