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XmtCliPrintf(3)		   Library Functions Manual	       XmtCliPrintf(3)

       XmtCliPrintf(),	XmtCliPuts(),  XmtCliClear()  -	 XmtCli	 widget	output

       #include	<Xmt/Cli.h>
       void XmtCliPrintf(Widget	w, String format, ...)

       #include	<Xmt/Cli.h>
       void XmtCliPuts(String s, Widget	w)

       #include	<Xmt/Cli.h>
       void XmtCliClear(Widget w)


	    w	   An XmtCli widget.

	    format For XmtCliPrintf() only, a printf()-style format string.

	    ...	   For XmtCliPrintf() only, a printf()-style  variable	length
		   argument  list  containing one argument of appropriate type
		   for each `%'	substitution that occurs in format.

	    s	   For XmtCliPuts() only, the string to	 be  displayed.	  This
		   string may not contain printf()-style substitutions.

       XmtCliPrintf()  appends	a  printf()-style formatted string to the text
       displayed in the	specified XmtCli widget.

       XmtCliPuts() appends the	string s to the	XmtCli widget  w.   Note  that
       this  function is unusual in that it does not take the XmtCli widget as
       its first argument. It takes the	widget after the string	for analogy to
       the  C  library	function  fputs() which	takes the output stream	as its
       second argument.

       Both XmtCliPrintf() and XmtCliPuts() will automatically scroll the Xmt-
       Cli widget, if necessary, so that all of	the output text	is visible. If
       there is	a partially typed line of input	displayed in the widget,  then
       the  output string appears after	all other output, but before the pend-
       ing input string-this means that	the user's line	of input is  not  dis-

       XmtCliClear()  erases  all visible text in w, and also deletes any text
       that had	scrolled off the top of	that  widget.  After  calling  XmtCli-
       Clear(),	 the  widget  will  be blank, and the user will	not be able to
       scroll up to see	previous lines.	This function does not affect the com-
       mand history buffer, however.

       Chapter 21, Command Line	Input,
       XmtCli, XmtCliFlush(), XmtCliGets().

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		       XmtCliPrintf(3)


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