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XmtChooserSetState(3)	   Library Functions Manual	 XmtChooserSetState(3)

       XmtChooserSetState(),	XmtChooserSetSensitive(),   XmtChooserSetItem-
       Value() - set the current selection in an  XmtChooser  widget,  or  the
       sensitivity or value associated with its	items.

       #include	<Xmt/Chooser.h>

       void XmtChooserSetState(Widget w, int state, Boolean notify)

       void XmtChooserSetSensitive(Widget w, int item, Boolean sensitive)

       void XmtChooserSetItemValue(Widget w, int item, XtPointer valuep)


	    w	   An XmtChooser widget.

	    state  The selection state to be set on the	widget.

	    notify Whether  the	 widget's  XmtNvalueChangedCallback  should be
		   invoked when	the XmtChooser's state is  changed.  If	 True,
		   the	procedures  registered	on  that callback list will be
		   called; if False, they will not be called.

	    item   The index of	an item	in the XmtChooser that is to have  its
		   sensitivity or value	set.

		   True	to make	the item item in w sensitive, False to make it

	    valuep The address of the value to be associated with item item in

       XmtChooserSetState()  sets  the selection state state on	the XmtChooser
       widget w, and updates the XmtChooser  subwidgets	 to  display  the  new
       state. If notify	is True, this function will invoke the procedures reg-
       istered	on  the	 XmtChooser  XmtNvalueChangedCallback  list.   Calling
       XmtChooserSetState() with notify	False is equivalent to,	but more effi-
       cient than setting the XmtNstate	resource of the	widget.

       XmtChooserSetSensitive()	sets the  sensitivity  of  a  specified	 item,
       item,  within  the  XmtChooser widget w.	If sensitive is	True, then the
       specified item will be made sensitive. If sensitive is False, then  the
       specified  item	will be	made insensitive. Insensitive items may	not be
       selected	by the user. In	addition, for all XmtChooser types other  than
       XmtChooserRadioList and XmtChooserCheckList, insensitive	items are dis-
       played with stippled (``greyed-out'') text, or with the special pixmaps
       specified in the	XmtNinsensitivePixmaps resource.

       XmtChooserSetItemValue()	 copies	the value at address specified by val-
       uep into	an internal array and associates it with item item of w.  val-
       uep  must  be  a	the address of a value which has the size specified by
       the widget's XmtNvalueSize resource. It is usually  easier  to  specify
       values for all items by setting the XmtNvalues resource.

       Chapter 27, Presenting Choices,
       XmtChooser, XmtChooserLookupItemValue(),	XmtChooserGetSensitivity(),
       XmtChooserGetState(), XmtChooserGetValue().

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		 XmtChooserSetState(3)


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