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XmtAddDeleteCallback(3)	   Library Functions Manual    XmtAddDeleteCallback(3)

       XmtAddDeleteCallback(),	XmtAddSaveYourselfCallback()  -	register call-
       backs for session management protocols.

       #include	<Xmt/Xmt.h>
       void XmtAddDeleteCallback(Widget	shell, int response, XtCallbackProc
		      proc, XtPointer data)

       void XmtAddSaveYourselfCallback(Widget shell, XtCallbackProc proc,
		      XtPointer	data)


	    shell  The shell widget that is to have the	 callback  registered.
		   May	be  any	 shell	for XmtAddDelete Callback(). Must be a
		   toplevel ApplicationShell for XmtAddSaveYourselfCallback().

		   A value to be set on	the  XmNdeleteResponse	resource,  for
		   XmtAddDeleteCallback() only.

	    proc   The	callback  procedure  to	register. This is a nor	mal Xt
		   callback procedure. When invoked, it	will be	 passed	 shell
		   as  its first argument and data as its second argument. Its
		   third argument will be unused.

	    data   An arbitrary	untyped	value to pass to the  callback	proce-
		   dure	as its second, client_data argument.

       XmtAddDeleteCallback()  sets  the  Motif	VendorShell XmNdelete Response
       resource	of shell to response, and calls	XmAdd WMProtocolCallback()  to
       specify	that  the  callback  proc  should  be  invoked when that shell
       receives	a WM_DELETE_WINDOW message from	the window manager or the ses-
       sion  manager.  The  value of response specifies	what actions the shell
       should perform automatically in response	to this	message, and the  pro-
       cedure proc can perform any other, custom actions.

       XmtAddSaveYourselfCallback()  registers	a procedure proc to be invoked
       when the	specified shell	receives a WM_SAVE_YOURSELF message  from  the
       session manager.	In order to comply with	the WM_SAVE_YOURSELF protocol,
       there must be no	more than one callback registered per application, and
       the  callback  must  set	 the  WM_COMMAND  property of the shell	window
       before returning. Note that this	function does  not  have  a  response/
       argument,  since	 there	is  no	equivalent  to	the XmNdelete Response
       resource	for the	WM_SAVE_YOURSELF  session  management  protocol.  Also
       note  that  this	protocol is replaced with much more sophisticated ses-
       sion management facilities in X11R6.

       Chapter 16, Working with	the Session Manager, Inter-client
       Communications Conventions Manual, VendorShell,

Xmt				  Motif	Tools	       XmtAddDeleteCallback(3)


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