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XmTransferValue(3)	   Library Functions Manual	    XmTransferValue(3)

       XmTransferValue -- A toolkit function that transfers data to a destina-

       #include	<Xm/Xm.h>

       void XmTransferValue(
       XtPointer transfer_id,
       Atom target,
       XtCallbackProc proc,
       XtPointer client_data,
       Time time);

       XmTransferValue converts	a selection, transferring any  data  from  the
       selection  owner,  in the context of an already-initiated data transfer
       operation.  An application can call this	routine	 from  an  XmNdestina-
       tionCallback procedure or any function called as	a result.

       The  caller  of XmTransferValue supplies	the target to which the	selec-
       tion is converted.  The caller also supplies a  callback	 procedure  to
       handle the data that results from the conversion.

		 Specifies  a  unique indentifier for the data transfer	opera-
		 tion.	The value must be the same as the value	of the	trans-
		 fer_id	 member	 of  the XmDestinationCallbackStruct passed to
		 the XmNdestinationCallback procedure.

       target	 Specifies the target to which the selection  is  to  be  con-

       proc	 Specifies  a callback procedure to be invoked when the	selec-
		 tion has been converted and the data, if any,	is  available.
		 This procedure	is responsible for inserting or	otherwise han-
		 dling any data	transferred.  The procedure can	also terminate
		 the  data  transfer  by calling XmTransferDone.  The proc re-
		 ceives	three arguments:

		    o  The widget that requested the conversion

		    o  The value of the	client_data argument

		    o  A pointer to an XmSelectionCallbackStruct

		 This procedure	can be called before or	after  XmTransferValue

		 Specifies  data  to  be passed	to the callback	procedure (the
		 value of the proc argument) when the selection	has been  con-

       time	 Specifies  the	 time  of  the	XEvent that triggered the data
		 transfer.  You	should typically set  this  field  to  XtLast-

       The  callback  procedure	 (the  value  of the proc argument) receives a
       pointer to an XmSelectionCallbackStruct,	which has the following	 defi-

       typedef struct
	       int reason;
	       XEvent *event;
	       Atom selection;
	       Atom target;
	       Atom type;
	       XtPointer transfer_id;
	       int flags;
	       int remaining;
	       XtPointer value;
	       unsigned	long length;
	       int format;
       } XmSelectionCallbackStruct;

       reason	 Indicates why the callback was	invoked.

       event	 Points	 to the	XEvent that triggered the callback.  It	can be

       selection Specifies the selection that has been converted.

       target	 Specifies the target to which XmTransferValue requested  con-
		 version.   The	 value	is the same as the value of the	target
		 argument to XmTransferValue.

       type	 Specifies the type of the selection value.  This is  not  the
		 target, but the type used to represent	the target.  The value
		 XT_CONVERT_FAIL means that the	selection owner	 did  not  re-
		 spond	to the conversion request within the Intrinsics	selec-
		 tion timeout interval.

		 Specifies a unique indentifier	for the	data  transfer	opera-
		 tion.	 The value is the same as the value of the transfer_id
		 argument to XmTransferValue.

       flags	 This member is	currently unused.  The value is	 always	 XmSE-

       remaining Indicates the number of transfers remaining for the operation
		 specified by transfer_id.

       value	 Represents the	data transferred by this request.  The	appli-
		 cation	 is  responsible  for  freeing	the  value  by calling

       length	 Indicates the number of elements of data in value, where each
		 element has the size symbolized by format.  If	value is NULL,
		 length	is 0.

       format	 Indicates whether the data in value should  be	 viewed	 as  a
		 list of char, short, or long quantities.  Possible values are
		 8 (for	a list of char), 16 (for a list	of short), or 32  (for
		 a list	of long).

       XmTransferSetParameters(3),  XmTransferSendRequest(3),  and XmTransfer-



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