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XmTabListReplacePositions(3Library Functions ManuaXmTabListReplacePositions(3)

       XmTabListReplacePositions  -- A convenience function that creates a new
       tab list	with replacement tabs

       #include	<Xm/Xm.h>
       XmTabList XmTabListReplacePositions(
       XmTabList oldlist,
       Cardinal	*position_list,
       XmTab *tabs,
       Cardinal	tab_count);

       XmTabListReplacePositions creates a new tab list	that contains the con-
       tents  of  oldlist, but with the	tabs at	the positions in position_list
       replaced	with copies of the corresponding tabs in tabs.	A warning mes-
       sage  is	 displayed if a	specified position is invalid; for example, if
       the value is a number greater than the number of	tabs in	the tab	list.

       This function deallocates the original tab list	after  extracting  the
       required	 information.  It  is  the caller's responsibility to free the
       tabs in tabs by using the XmTabFree function.

       oldlist	 Specifies the tab list.  The  function	 deallocates  the  tab
		 list after extracting the required information.

		 Specifies  an	array of positions of the tabs to be replaced.
		 The position of the first tab is 0 (zero),  the  position  of
		 the second tab	is 1, and so on.

       tabs	 Specifies an array of the replacement tabs.

       tab_count Specifies the number of elements in position_list and tabs.

       If  tabs,  oldlist, or position_list is NULL, or	tab_count is 0 (zero),
       returns oldlist.	Otherwise, this	function returns  the  new  tab	 list.
       The function allocates space to hold the	returned tab list.  The	appli-
       cation is responsible for managing the allocated	space.	 The  applica-
       tion can	recover	the allocated space by calling XmTabListFree.




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