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XmTabListInsertTabs(3)	   Library Functions Manual	XmTabListInsertTabs(3)

       XmTabListInsertTabs  -- A convenience function that inserts tabs	into a
       tab list

       #include	<Xm/Xm.h>
       XmTabList XmTabListInsertTabs(
       XmTabList oldlist,
       XmTab *tabs,
       Cardinal	tab_count,
       int position);

       XmTabListInsertTabs creates a new tab list that includes	 the  tabs  in
       oldlist.	 This  function	 copies	 specified tabs	to the tab list	at the
       given position. The first tab_count tabs	of the tabs array are added to
       the tab list. If	oldlist	is NULL, XmTabListInsertTabs creates a new tab
       list containing only the	tabs specified.

       oldlist	 Specifies the tab list	to add the tabs	to.  The function  de-
		 allocates oldlist after extracting the	required information.

       tabs	 Specifies  a pointer to the tabs to be	added to the tab list.
		 It is the caller's responsibility to free the tabs in tabs by
		 using XmTabFree.

       tab_count Specifies the number of tabs in tabs.

       position	 Specifies  the	position of the	first new tab in the tab list.
		 A value of 0 (zero) makes the first new tab the first tab  in
		 the  tab  list,  a value of 1 makes it	the second tab,	and so
		 on. If	position  is  greater  than  the  number  of  tabs  in
		 oldlist,  then	the tabs will be inserted at the end. If posi-
		 tion is negative, the count will be backwards from the	end. A
		 value of -1 makes the first new tab the last tab, and so on.

       If  tabs	 is  NULL  or  tab_count  is  0	 (zero), this function returns
       oldlist.	Otherwise, it returns a	new tab	list.  The function  allocates
       space  to  hold	the returned tab list.	The application	is responsible
       for managing the	allocated space.  The application can recover the  al-
       located space by	calling	XmTabListFree.

       XmTabList(3) and	XmTabListFree(3).



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