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XmStringDrawUnderline(3)   Library Functions Manual   XmStringDrawUnderline(3)

       XmStringDrawUnderline  --  A compound string function that underlines a
       string drawn in an X Window

       #include	<Xm/Xm.h>
       void XmStringDrawUnderline(
       Display * d,
       Window w,
       XmRenderTable rendertable,
       XmString	string,
       GC gc,
       Position	x,
       Position	y,
       Dimension width,
       unsigned	char alignment,
       unsigned	char layout_direction,
       XRectangle * clip,
       XmString	underline);

       XmStringDrawUnderline draws a compound string in	an X  Window.  If  the
       substring  identified  by  underline can	be matched in string, the sub-
       string will be underlined.  Once	 a  match  has	occurred,  no  further
       matches	or underlining will be done.  Only the first text component of
       underline is used for matching.

       If a compound string segment uses a rendition that contains a font set,
       the graphic context passed to this routine will have the	GC font	member
       left in an  undefined  state.  The  underlying  XmbStringDraw  function
       called by this routine modifies the font	ID field of the	GC passed into
       it and does not attempt to restore the font ID to the  incoming	value.
       If  the	compound  string  segment  is  not drawn using a font set, the
       graphic context must contain a valid font member. Graphic contexts cre-
       ated  by	XtGetGC	are not	accepted by this routine; instead, use XtAllo-
       cateGC to create	a graphic context.

       d	 Specifies the display.

       w	 Specifies the window.

		 Specifies the render table.

       string	 Specifies the string.

       gc	 Specifies the graphics	context	to use.

       x	 Specifies a coordinate	of the rectangle that will contain the
		 displayed compound string.

       y	 Specifies a coordinate	of the rectangle that will contain the
		 displayed compound string.

       width	 Specifies the width of	the rectangle that  will  contain  the
		 displayed compound string.

       alignment Specifies how the string will be aligned within the specified
		 rectangle.  It	 is  one  of  XmALIGNMENT_BEGINNING,  XmALIGN-

		 Controls  the direction in which the segments of the compound
		 string	will be	laid out. It also determines  the  meaning  of
		 the alignment parameter.

       clip	 Allows	 the  application  to restrict the area	into which the
		 compound string will be drawn.	 If it is NULL,	clipping  will
		 be determined by the GC.

       underline Specifies the substring to be underlined.




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