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XmRepTypeRegister(3)	   Library Functions Manual	  XmRepTypeRegister(3)

       XmRepTypeRegister -- A representation type manager function that	regis-
       ters a representation type resource

       #include	<Xm/RepType.h>
       XmRepTypeId XmRepTypeRegister(
       String rep_type,
       String *value_names,
       unsigned	char *values,
       unsigned	char num_values);

       XmRepTypeRegister registers a representation  type  resource  with  the
       representation  type  manager.  All features of the representation type
       management facility become available for	the  specified	representation
       type.  The function installs a forward type converter to	convert	string
       values to numerical representation type values.

       When the	values argument	is NULL, consecutive numerical values are  as-
       sumed. The order	of the strings in the value_names array	determines the
       numerical values	for the	resource. For example, the first value name is
       0 (zero); the second value name is 1; and so on.

       If  it is non-NULL, the values argument can be used to assign values to
       representation types that have nonconsecutive values or have  duplicate
       names  for the same value. Representation types registered in this man-
       ner will	consume	additional storage and will be	slightly  slower  than
       representation types with consecutive values.

       A  representation  type can only	be registered once; if the same	repre-
       sentation type name is registered more than once, the behavior is unde-

       The  function  XmRepTypeAddReverse  installs  a reverse converter for a
       registered representation type. The reverse converter takes a represen-
       tation type numerical value and returns the corresponding string	value.
       If the list of numerical	values for a representation type contains  du-
       plicate	values,	 the  reverse  converter  uses	the  first name	in the
       value_names list	that matches the specified numeric value. For example,
       if  a  value_names array	has cancel, proceed, and abort,	and the	corre-
       sponding	values array contains 0, 1, and	0, the reverse converter  will
       return cancel instead of	abort for an input value of 0.

       rep_type	 Specifies the representation type name.

		 Specifies  a  pointer	to  an array of	value names associated
		 with the representation type. A value name  is	 specified  in
		 lowercase  characters	without	 an  Xm	prefix.	Words within a
		 name are separated with underscores.

       values	 Specifies a pointer to	an array of values associated with the
		 representation	type. A	value in this array is associated with
		 the  value  name  in  the  corresponding  position   of   the
		 value_names array.

		 Specifies the number of entries in the	value_names and	values

       Returns the identification  number  for	the  specified	representation

       XmRepTypeAddReverse(3), XmRepTypeGetId(3), XmRepTypeGetNameList(3), Xm-
       RepTypeGetRecord(3),  XmRepTypeGetRegistered(3),	 and   XmRepTypeValid-



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