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XmListReplaceItemsPos(3)   Library Functions Manual   XmListReplaceItemsPos(3)

       XmListReplaceItemsPos  --  A  List function that	replaces the specified
       elements	in the list

       #include	<Xm/List.h>
       void XmListReplaceItemsPos(
       Widget widget,
       XmString	*new_items,
       int item_count,
       int position);

       XmListReplaceItemsPos replaces the specified number  of	items  of  the
       List  with  new	items, starting	at the specified position in the List.
       When the	items are inserted into	the list, they are compared  with  the
       current	XmNselectedItems list. If any of the new items matches an item
       on the selected list, it	appears	selected.

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the List widget.

       new_items Specifies the replacement items.

		 Specifies the number of items in new_items and	the number  of
		 items	in  the	list to	replace.  This number must be nonnega-

       position	 Specifies the position	of the first item in the  list	to  be
		 replaced.   A	value  of  1 indicates that the	first item re-
		 placed	is the first item in the list; a value of 2  indicates
		 that it is the	second item; and so on.

		 Beginning  with  the  item  specified in position, item_count
		 items in the list are replaced	with  the  corresponding  ele-
		 ments	from  new_items.  That is, the item at position	is re-
		 placed	with the first element of new_items;  the  item	 after
		 position  is  replaced	 with the second element of new_items;
		 and so	on, until item_count is	reached.

       For a complete definition of List and its associated resources, see Xm-




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