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       XmDropSiteConfigureStackingOrder	 --  A Drag and	Drop function that re-
       orders a	stack of widgets that are registered drop sites

       #include	<Xm/DragDrop.h>
       void XmDropSiteConfigureStackingOrder(
       Widget widget,
       Widget sibling,
       Cardinal	stack_mode);

       XmDropSiteConfigureStackingOrder	changes	the stacking order of the drop
       site  specified	by  widget.  The stacking order	controls the manner in
       which drag-under	effects	are clipped by overlapping  siblings,  regard-
       less  of	 whether they are active. The stack mode is relative either to
       the entire stack, or to another drop site within	the stack.  The	 stack
       order  can  be modified only if the drop	sites are siblings in both the
       widget and drop site hierarchy, and the widget parent of	the drop sites
       is registered as	a composite drop site.

       widget	 Specifies the drop site to be restacked.

       sibling	 Specifies  a  sibling	drop  site for stacking	operations. If
		 specified, then widget	is restacked  relative	to  this  drop
		 site's	stack position.

		 Specifies  the	 new  stack position for the specified widget.
		 The values are	XmABOVE	and XmBELOW. If	a  sibling  is	speci-
		 fied, then widget is restacked	as follows:

		 XmABOVE   The widget is placed	just above the sibling.

		 XmBELOW   The widget is placed	just below the sibling.

		 If  the  sibling  parameter  is not specified,	then widget is
		 restacked as follows:

		 XmABOVE   The widget is placed	at the top of the stack.

		 XmBELOW   The widget is placed	at the bottom of the stack.

       For a complete definition of DropSite and its associated	resources, see

       XmDropSite(3),	  XmDropSiteRetrieve(3),     and     XmDropSiteQueryS-



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