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XmAddToPostFromList(3)	   Library Functions Manual	XmAddToPostFromList(3)

       XmAddToPostFromList  -- a RowColumn function that makes a menu accessi-
       ble from	more than one widget

       #include	<Xm/RowColumn.h>

       void XmAddToPostFromList(
       Widget menu,
       Widget post_from_widget);

       XmAddToPostFromList makes a menu	accessible from	more than one  widget.
       After  a	 menu  is once created,	this function may be used to make that
       menu accessible from a second widget. The process may be	 repeated  in-
       definitely. In other words, where an application	would use XmCreatePop-
       upMenu or XmCreatePulldownMenu or their equivalent to create a new menu
       identical to one	that already exists, it	can use	this function to reuse
       that earlier menu.

       If menu refers to a Popup menu, then the	 post_from_widget  widget  can
       now pop up the specified	menu. The actual posting of the	menu occurs as
       it always does, either through an event handler,	or the automatic popup
       menu support (see the XmRowColumn(3) reference page).

       If menu refers to a Pulldown menu, its ID is placed in the XmNsubMenuId
       resource	 of  the  specified  post_from_widget.	 In  this  case,   the
       post_from_widget	widget must be either a	CascadeButton or a CascadeBut-

       Note that this function manipulates the internal	structures themselves,
       not a copy of them.

       menu	 Specifies  the	ID of the RowColumn widget containing the menu
		 (Popup	or Pulldown) to	be made	accessible from	the widget.

		 Specifies the widget ID of the	widget which will now be  able
		 to post the menu specified by menu.

       For  a  complete	 definition of RowColumn and its associated resources,
       see XmRowColumn(3).

       XmGetPostedFromWidget(3),  XmRemoveFromPostFromList(3),	and  XmRowCol-



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