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XkbSASetScreen(3)		 XKB FUNCTIONS		     XkbSASetScreen(3)

       XkbSASetScreen -	Sets the screenXXX field of act	from s

       void XkbSASetScreen (XkbSwitchScreenAction act, int s);

       - act  action in	which to set screenXXX

       - s    value to set in screenXXX

       Actions associated with the XkbSwitchScreen action structure change the
       active screen on	a multiscreen display.

       The type	field of the XkbSwitchScreenAction structure should always  be

       The  flags  field  is composed of the bitwise inclusive OR of the masks
       shown in	Table 1.

		       Table 1 Switch Screen Action Flags
       Flag			 Meaning
       XkbSA_SwitchAbsolute	 If set, the screenXXX	field  represents
				 the  index of the new screen. Otherwise,
				 it represents an offset from the current
				 screen	to the new screen.
       XkbSA_SwitchApplication	 If  not set, the action should	switch to
				 another screen	on the same server.  Oth-
				 erwise,  it  should  switch to	another	X
				 server	or application	that  shares  the
				 same physical display.

       The  screenXXX field is a signed	character value	that represents	either
       the relative or absolute	screen index, depending	on the	state  of  the
       XkbSA_SwitchAbsolute bit	in the flags field. Xkb	provides the following
       macros to convert between the integer and signed	 character  value  for
       screen numbers in XkbSwitchScreenAction structures.

	   typedef struct _XkbSwitchScreenAction {
	       unsigned	char	type;	     /*	XkbSA_SwitchScreen */
	       unsigned	char	flags;	     /*	controls screen	switching */
	       char		screenXXX;   /*	screen number or delta */
	   } XkbSwitchScreenAction;

       This  action  is	optional. Servers are free to ignore the action	or any
       of its flags if they do not support the requested behavior. If the  ac-
       tion  is	 ignored, it behaves like XkbSA_NoAction. Otherwise, key press
       and key release events do not generate an event.

X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.12		     XkbSASetScreen(3)


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