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XkbGetNamedIndicator(3)		 XKB FUNCTIONS	       XkbGetNamedIndicator(3)

       XkbGetNamedIndicator  - Look up the indicator map and other information
       for an indicator	by name

       Bool XkbGetNamedDeviceIndicator (Display	*dpy, unsigned	int  dev_spec,
	      unsigned	int  led_class,	 unsigned  int	led_id,	Atom name, int
	      *ndx_rtrn, Bool *state_rtrn, XkbIndicatorMapPtr  map_rtrn,  Bool

       Bool XkbGetNamedIndicator (Display *dpy,	Atom name, int *ndx_rtrn, Bool
	      *state_rtrn, XkbIndicatorMapPtr map_rtrn,	Bool *real_rtrn);

       - dpy  connection to the	X server

       - dev_spec
	      keyboard device ID, or XkbUseCoreKbd

       - led_class
	      feedback class, or XkbDfltXIClass

       - led_id
	      feedback ID, or XkbDfltXIId

       - name name of the indicator to be retrieved

       - ndx_rtrn
	      backfilled with the index	of the retrieved indicator

       - state_rtrn
	      backfilled with the current state	of the retrieved indicator

       - map_rtrn
	       backfilled with the mapping for the retrieved indicator

       - real_rtrn
	      backfilled with True if the named	indicator is real (physical)

       Xkb also	allows applications to refer to	indicators by  name.  Use  Xk-
       bGetNames  to  get the indicator	names. Using names eliminates the need
       for hard-coding bitmask values for particular keyboards.	 For  example,
       instead	of  using vendor-specific constants such as WSKBLed_ScrollLock
       mask on Digital workstations or XLED_SCROLL_LOCK	on  Sun	 workstations,
       you  can	 instead use XkbGetNamedDeviceIndicator	to look	up information
       on the indicator	named "Scroll Lock."

       If the device specified by device_spec has an indicator named name, Xk-
       bGetNamedDeviceIndicator	returns	True and populates the rest of the pa-
       rameters	with information about the indicator. Otherwise,  XkbGetNamed-
       DeviceIndicator returns False.

       The ndx_rtrn field returns the zero-based index of the named indicator.
       This index is the bit position to use in	any  function  call  that  re-
       quires  a mask of indicator bits, as well as the	indicator's index into
       the XkbIndicatorRec array of indicator maps.   state_rtrn  returns  the
       current	state  of  the	named  indicator  (True	 =  on,	 False = off).
       map_rtrn	returns	the indicator map for the named	 indicator.  In	 addi-
       tion,  if  the indicator	is mapped to a physical	LED, the real_rtrn pa-
       rameter is set to True.

       Each of the " _rtrn " arguments is optional; you	can pass NULL for  any
       unneeded	" _rtrn	" arguments.

       XkbGetNamedIndicator  is	a convenience function that calls XkbGetNamed-
       DeviceIndicator with a device_spec of  XkbUseCoreKbd,  a	 led_class  of
       XkbDfltXIClass,	and  a	led_id	of XkbDfltXIId.	 It returns the	return
       value from XkbGetNamedDeviceIndicator.

       True	      The XkbGetNamedIndicator and  XkbGetNamedDeviceIndicator
		      functions	 return	 True  if  the device specified	by de-
		      vice_spec	has an indicator named name.

       False	      The XkbGetNamedIndicator and  XkbGetNamedDeviceIndicator
		      functions	 return	 False	if the device specified	by de-
		      vice_spec	does not have an indicator named name.


X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.12	       XkbGetNamedIndicator(3)


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