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XkbGetDeviceLedInfo(3)		 XKB FUNCTIONS		XkbGetDeviceLedInfo(3)

       XkbGetDeviceLedInfo  - Query the	indicator names, maps, and state asso-
       ciated with an LED feedback of an input extension device

       Status XkbGetDeviceLedInfo (Display *dpy, XkbDeviceInfoPtr device_info,
	      unsigned	int  led_class,	 unsigned  int	led_id,	 unsigned  int

       - dpy  connection to X server

       - device_info
	      structure	to update with results

       - led_class
	      LED feedback class assigned by input extension

       - led_id
	      LED feedback ID assigned by input	extension

       - which
	      mask indicating desired information

       XkbGetDeviceLedInfo queries the server for the desired LED  information
       for  the	feedback specified by led_class	and led_id for the X input ex-
       tension device indicated	by device_spec-_device_info and	 waits	for  a
       reply. If successful, XkbGetDeviceLedInfo backfills the relevant	fields
       of device_info as determined by which with the results and returns Suc-
       cess. Valid values for which are	the inclusive OR of any	of XkbXI_Indi-
       catorNamesMask, XkbXI_IndicatorMapsMask,	and XkbXI_IndicatorStateMask.

       The fields of device_info that are filled in when this request succeeds
       are  name,  type,  supported, and unsupported, and portions of the leds
       structure corresponding to led_class and	led_id	as  indicated  by  the
       bits set	in which.  The device_info-_leds vector	is allocated if	neces-
       sary and	sz_leds	and num_leds filled  in.  The  led_class,  led_id  and
       phys_indicators	fields of the device_info-_leds	entry corresponding to
       led_class and led_id are	always filled in.

       If which	contains XkbXI_IndicatorNamesMask, the names_present and names
       fields  of  the	device_info-_leds structure corresponding to led_class
       and led_id are updated, if which	contains XkbXI_IndicatorStateMask, the
       corresponding state field is updated, and if which contains XkbXI_Indi-
       catorMapsMask, the maps_present and maps	fields are updated.

       If a compatible version of Xkb is not available in the  server  or  the
       Xkb  extension  has  not	been properly initialized, XkbGetDeviceLedInfo
       returns BadAccess. If allocation	errors occur, a	BadAlloc status	is re-
       turned.	If the device has no indicators, a BadMatch error is returned.
       If ledClass or ledID have illegal values, a BadValue error is returned.
       If  they	 have legal values but do not specify a	feedback that contains
       LEDs and	is associated with the specified device, a BadMatch  error  is

       BadAccess      The Xkb extension	has not	been properly initialized

       BadAlloc	      Unable to	allocate storage

       BadMatch	      A	 compatible  version  of  Xkb was not available	in the
		      server or	an argument has	correct	type and range,	but is
		      otherwise	invalid

       BadValue	      An argument is out of range

X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.12		XkbGetDeviceLedInfo(3)


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