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XkbGetDeviceInfo(3)		 XKB FUNCTIONS		   XkbGetDeviceInfo(3)

       XkbGetDeviceInfo	 - Determine whether the X server allows Xkb access to
       particular capabilities of input	devices	other than  the	 core  X  key-
       board, or to determine the status of indicator maps, indicator names or
       button actions on a non-KeyClass	extension device

       XkbDeviceInfoPtr	XkbGetDeviceInfo (Display *dpy,	 unsigned  int	which,
	      unsigned	int  device_spec, unsigned int ind_class, unsigned int

       - dpy  connection to X server

       - which
	      mask indicating information to return

       - device_spec
	      device ID, or XkbUseCoreKbd

       - ind_class
	      feedback class for indicator requests

       - ind_id
	      feedback ID for indicator	requests

       To determine whether the	X server allows	Xkb access to particular capa-
       bilities	 of input devices other	than the core X	keyboard, or to	deter-
       mine the	status of indicator maps, indicator names or button actions on
       a non-KeyClass extension	device,	use XkbGetDeviceInfo.

       XkbGetDeviceInfo	 returns  information about the	input device specified
       by device_spec.	Unlike the device_spec parameter  of  most  Xkb	 func-
       tions, device_spec does not need	to be a	keyboard device. It must, how-
       ever, indicate either the core keyboard or a valid  X  Input  Extension

       The which parameter is a	mask specifying	optional information to	be re-
       turned. It is an	inclusive OR of	one or more of the values from Table 1
       and causes the returned XkbDeviceInfoRec	to contain values for the cor-
       responding fields specified in the table.

				Table 1	XkbDeviceInfoRec Mask Bits
       Name			    XkbDeviceInfoRec Value     Capability If Set
				    Fields Effected
       XkbXI_KeyboardsMask			     (1L <<0) Clients can use all
							      Xkb requests and events
							      with KeyClass devices
							      supported	by the input
							      device extension.

       XkbXI_ButtonActionsMask	     num_btns	     (1L <<1) Clients can assign key
				     btn_acts		      actions to buttons
							      non-KeyClass input
							      extension	devices.

       XkbXI_IndicatorNamesMask	     leds->names     (1L <<2) Clients can assign
							      names to indicators on
							      non-KeyClass input
							      extension	devices.

       XkbXI_IndicatorMapsMask	     leds->maps	     (1L <<3) Clients can assign
							      indicator	maps to
							      indicators on
							      non-KeyClass input
							      extension	devices.

       XkbXI_IndicatorStateMask	     leds->state     (1L <<4) Clients can request
							      the status of indicators
							      on non-KeyClass input
							      extension	devices.

       XkbXI_IndicatorsMask	     sz_leds	     (0x1c)   XkbXI_IndicatorNamesMask |
				     num_leds		      XkbXI_IndicatorMapsMask |
				     leds->*		      XkbXI_IndicatorStateMask

       XkbXI_UnsupportedFeaturesMask unsupported     (1L <<15)

       XkbXI_AllDeviceFeaturesMask   Those selected  (0x1e)   XkbXI_IndicatorsMask |
				     by	Value Column	      XkbSI_ButtonActionsMask

       XkbXI_AllFeaturesMask	     Those selected  (0x1f)   XkbSI_AllDeviceFeaturesMask |
				     by	Value Column	      XkbSI_KeyboardsMask

       XkbXI_AllDetailsMask	     Those selected  (0x801f) XkbXI_AllFeaturesMask |
				     by	Value column	      XkbXI_UnsupportedFeaturesMask

       The XkbDeviceInfoRec returned by	XkbGetDeviceInfo always	has values for
       name  (may  be  a  null	string,	 ""),  type,  supported,  unsupported,
       has_own_state, dflt_kbd_fd, and dflt_kbd_fb.  Other fields  are	filled
       in as specified by which.

       Upon  return,  the  supported  field will be set	to the inclusive OR of
       zero or more bits from Table 1; each bit	set indicates an optional  Xkb
       extension  device feature supported by the server implementation, and a
       client may modify the associated	behavior.

       If the XkbButtonActionsMask bit is set in which,	 the  XkbDeviceInfoRec
       returned	 will  have  the button	actions	(btn_acts field) filled	in for
       all buttons.

       If which	includes one of	the bits in XkbXI_IndicatorsMask, the feedback
       class  of  the indicators must be specified in ind_class, and the feed-
       back ID of the indicators must be specified in ind_id.  If the  request
       does not	include	any of the bits	in XkbXI_IndicatorsMask, the ind_class
       and ind_id parameters are ignored. The class and	ID can be obtained via
       the input device	extension XListInputDevices request.

       If  any of the XkbXI_IndicatorsMask bits	are set	in which, the XkbDevi-
       ceInfoRec returned will have filled in the portions of the leds	struc-
       ture  corresponding  to	the indicator feedback identified by ind_class
       and ind_id.  The	leds vector of the XkbDeviceInfoRec  is	 allocated  if
       necessary and sz_leds and num_leds filled in. The led_class, led_id and
       phys_indicators fields of the leds entry	corresponding to ind_class and
       ind_id  are  always  filled in. If which	contains XkbXI_IndicatorNames-
       Mask, the names_present and names fields	of the leds  structure	corre-
       sponding	 to  ind_class	and ind_id are returned. If which contains Xk-
       bXI_IndicatorStateMask, the corresponding state field  is  updated.  If
       which  contains	XkbXI_IndicatorMapsMask,  the  maps_present  and  maps
       fields are updated.

       Xkb provides convenience	functions to request subsets of	 the  informa-
       tion  available via XkbGetDeviceInfo.  These convenience	functions mir-
       ror some	of the mask bits. The functions	all take  an  XkbDeviceInfoPtr
       as an input argument and	operate	on the X Input Extension device	speci-
       fied by the device_spec field of	the structure. Only the	parts  of  the
       structure indicated in the function description are updated. The	XkbDe-
       viceInfoRec structure used in the function  call	 can  be  obtained  by
       calling XkbGetDeviceInfo	or can be allocated by calling XkbAllocDevice-

       Information about X Input Extension devices is  transferred  between  a
       client program and the Xkb extension in an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure:

       typedef struct {
	   char	*		name;	       /* name for device */
	   Atom			type;	       /* name for class of devices */
	   unsigned short	device_spec;   /* device of interest */
	   Bool			has_own_state; /* True=>this device has	its own	state */
	   unsigned short	supported;     /* bits indicating supported capabilities */
	   unsigned short	unsupported;   /* bits indicating unsupported capabilities */
	   unsigned short	num_btns;      /* number of entries in btn_acts	*/
	   XkbAction *		btn_acts;      /* button actions */
	   unsigned short	sz_leds;       /* total	number of entries in LEDs vector */
	   unsigned short	num_leds;      /* number of valid entries in LEDs vector */
	   unsigned short	dflt_kbd_fb;   /* input	extension ID of	default	(core kbd) indicator */
	   unsigned short	dflt_led_fb;   /* input	extension ID of	default	indicator feedback */
	   XkbDeviceLedInfoPtr	leds;	       /* LED descriptions */
       } XkbDeviceInfoRec, *XkbDeviceInfoPtr;

       XkbAllocDeviceInfo(3), XListInputDevices(3)

X Version 11			 libX11	1.7.2		   XkbGetDeviceInfo(3)


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