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XkbChangeEnabledControls(3)	 XKB FUNCTIONS	   XkbChangeEnabledControls(3)

       XkbChangeEnabledControls	- Manipulates the EnabledControls control

       Bool  XkbChangeEnabledControls (Display *dpy, unsigned int device_spec,
	      unsigned int mask, unsigned int values);

       - dpy  connection to X server

       - device_spec
	       keyboard	device to modify

       - mask 1	bit -> controls	to enable / disable

       - values
	      1	bit => enable, 0 bit =>	disable

       The EnabledControls control is a	bit mask where each bit	that is	turned
       on  means  the  corresponding  control is enabled, and when turned off,
       disabled. It corresponds	to the enabled_ctrls field of  an  XkbControl-
       sRec structure (see STRUCTURES).	The bits describing which controls are
       turned on or off	are defined in Table 1.

       Table 1 shows the actual	values for the individual mask	bits  used  to
       select controls for modification	and to enable and disable the control.
       Note that the same mask bit is used to specify general modifications to
       the parameters used to configure	the control (which), and to enable and
       disable the control (enabled_ctrls). The	anomalies  in  the  table  (no
       "ok"  in	column)	are for	controls that have no configurable attributes;
       and for controls	that are not boolean controls and therefore cannot  be
       enabled or disabled.

			       Table 1 Controls	Mask Bits
       Mask Bit			which or	enabled	  Value
				changed_ctrls	_ctrls
       XkbRepeatKeysMask	ok		ok	  (1L<<0)
       XkbSlowKeysMask		ok		ok	  (1L<<1)
       XkbBounceKeysMask	ok		ok	  (1L<<2)
       XkbStickyKeysMask	ok		ok	  (1L<<3)
       XkbMouseKeysMask		ok		ok	  (1L<<4)
       XkbMouseKeysAccelMask	ok		ok	  (1L<<5)
       XkbAccessXKeysMask	ok		ok	  (1L<<6)
       XkbAccessXTimeoutMask	ok		ok	  (1L<<7)
       XkbAccessXFeedbackMask	ok		ok	  (1L<<8)
       XkbAudibleBellMask			ok	  (1L<<9)
       XkbOverlay1Mask				ok	  (1L<<10)
       XkbOverlay2Mask				ok	  (1L<<11)
       XkbIgnoreGroupLockMask			ok	  (1L<<12)
       XkbGroupsWrapMask	ok			  (1L<<27)
       XkbInternalModsMask	ok			  (1L<<28)
       XkbIgnoreLockModsMask	ok			  (1L<<29)
       XkbPerKeyRepeatMask	ok			  (1L<<30)
       XkbControlsEnabledMask	ok			  (1L<<31)
       XkbAccessXOptionsMask	ok		ok	  (XkbStickyKeysMask |
       XkbAllBooleanCtrlsMask			ok	  (0x00001FFF)
       XkbAllControlsMask	ok			  (0xF8001FFF)

       The mask	parameter specifies the	boolean	controls to be enabled or dis-
       abled, and the values mask specifies the	new state for those  controls.
       Valid  values  for both of these	masks are composed of a	bitwise	inclu-
       sive OR of bits taken from the set of mask bits in Table	1, using  only
       those masks with	"ok" in	the enabled_ctrls column.

       If the X	server does not	support	a compatible version of	Xkb or the Xkb
       extension has not been properly	initialized,  XkbChangeEnabledControls
       returns	False; otherwise, it sends the request to the X	server and re-
       turns True.

       Note that the EnabledControls control only enables  and	disables  con-
       trols;  it does not configure them. Some	controls, such as the Audible-
       Bell control, have no configuration attributes and are therefore	manip-
       ulated solely by	enabling and disabling them. Others, however, have ad-
       ditional	attributes to configure	their behavior.	For example,  the  Re-
       peatControl control uses	repeat_delay and repeat_interval fields	to de-
       scribe the timing behavior of keys that repeat. The  RepeatControl  be-
       havior  is  turned  on  or  off	depending  on  the value of the	XkbRe-
       peatKeysMask bit, but you must use other	means, as  described  in  this
       chapter,	to configure its behavior in detail.

       True	      The X server supports a compatible version of Xkb.

       False	      The  X  server  does not support a compatible version of
		      Xkb or the Xkb extension has not been properly  initial-

       The XkbControlsRec structure is defined as follows:

	   #define XkbMaxLegalKeyCode	  255
	   #define XkbPerKeyBitArraySize  ((XkbMaxLegalKeyCode+1)/8)

	   typedef struct {
	       unsigned	char   mk_dflt_btn;	 /* default button for keyboard	driven mouse */
	       unsigned	char   num_groups;	 /* number of keyboard groups */
	       unsigned	char   groups_wrap;	 /* how	to wrap	out-of-bounds groups */
	       XkbModsRec      internal;	 /* defines server internal modifiers */
	       XkbModsRec      ignore_lock;	 /* modifiers to ignore	when checking for grab */
	       unsigned	int    enabled_ctrls;	 /* 1 bit => corresponding boolean control enabled */
	       unsigned	short  repeat_delay;	 /* ms delay until first repeat	*/
	       unsigned	short  repeat_interval;	 /* ms delay between repeats */
	       unsigned	short  slow_keys_delay;	 /* ms minimum time key	must be	down to	be ok */
	       unsigned	short  debounce_delay;	 /* ms delay before key	reactivated */
	       unsigned	short  mk_delay;	 /* ms delay to	second mouse motion event */
	       unsigned	short  mk_interval;	 /* ms delay between repeat mouse events */
	       unsigned	short  mk_time_to_max;	 /* # intervals	until constant mouse move */
	       unsigned	short  mk_max_speed;	 /* multiplier for maximum mouse speed */
	       short	       mk_curve;	 /* determines mouse move curve	type */
	       unsigned	short  ax_options;	 /* 1 bit => Access X option enabled */
	       unsigned	short  ax_timeout;	 /* seconds until Access X disabled */
	       unsigned	short  axt_opts_mask;	 /* 1 bit => options to	reset on Access	X timeout */
	       unsigned	short  axt_opts_values;	 /* 1 bit => turn option on, 0=> off */
	       unsigned	int    axt_ctrls_mask;	 /* which bits in enabled_ctrls	to modify */
	       unsigned	int    axt_ctrls_values; /* values for new bits	in enabled_ctrls */
	       unsigned	char   per_key_repeat[XkbPerKeyBitArraySize];  /* per key auto repeat */
	    } XkbControlsRec, *XkbControlsPtr;

X Version 11			 libX11	1.7.2	   XkbChangeEnabledControls(3)


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