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XcolorRegion(3)			   Xcm-0.5.4		       XcolorRegion(3)

       XcolorRegion -

       #include	<Xcm.h>

   Data	Fields
       uint32_t	region
       uint8_t md5 [16]

Detailed Description
       The XcolorRegion	typedefed structure describes a	single region with an
       attached	profile. The region is evaluated when the client enables the
       region and not when the region is atttached to the window. This allows
       clients to update the region (when the window is	resized	for example)
       by simply modifying the XserverRegion and then sending a	ClientMessage.

Field Documentation
   uint8_t XcolorRegion::md5[16]
       ICC MD5 of the associated profile

   uint32_t XcolorRegion::region
       XserverRegion, network byte order

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Version	0.5.4			Tue May	26 2015		       XcolorRegion(3)

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