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XML::Compile::IteratorUser Contributed Perl DocumentaXML::Compile::Iterator(3)

       XML::Compile::Iterator -	reduce view on a node tree

       It would	have been nice to be able to use XML::LibXML::Iterator,	but on
       the moment of this writing, that	module is not maintained.  Besides,
       this implementation of the iterator is more specific for	our purpose.
       The main	user for this object currently is XML::Compile::Translate.

       $obj->descend( [$node, [$path, [$filter]]] )
	   The $node is	a child	of the node handled by the iterator where this
	   method is called upon.  Without explicit $node, the current node is
	   used.  Returned is a	new XML::Compile::Iterator object.  The	new
	   iterator will use the same $filter as the parent iterator by
	   default.  The internal administered path with be extended with the

       XML::Compile::Iterator->new($node, $path, $filter,)
	   The $node is	a XML::LibXML::Node object, of which the direct
	   children are	inspected.

	   The $filter a CODE reference	which is called	for each child node.
	   The only parameter is the parent $node, and then it must return
	   either true or false.  In case of true, the node is selected.  The
	   FILTERS is applied to all children of the $node once, when the
	   first child is requested by the program.

	   Returns the CODE reference which is used to select the nodes.

	   Returns the XML::LibXML::Node node of which the children are	walked

	   The path represents the location where the node is, like a symbolic
	   link, how you got there.

	   Returns the child nodes which fulfil	the filter requirements.  In
	   LIST	context	as list, in SCALAR context as reference	to an ARRAY.

	   Returns the current child node.

	   Returns the first child node.  Does not change the current

	   Returns the last child node which fulfills the requirements.	 Does
	   not change the current position.

	   Returns the next child when available, otherwise "undef".

	   Returns the number of childnodes which fulfill the restriction.

	   Returns the previous	child when available, otherwise	"undef".

   simplify XML	node access
	   Returns the textContent of the currentChild() node, or undef.

	   Returns the local name of the currentChild(), or the	empty string.

	   Returns the type of the currentChild(), or the empty	string.

	   Returns the local name of the node(), or the	empty string.

	   Returns true	if the current node has	"xsi:type="true"".

	   Returns the type of the node(), or the empty	string.

	   Returns the textContent of the node(), or undef.

       This module is part of XML-Compile distribution version 1.63, built on
       July 02,	2019. Website:

       Copyrights 2006-2019 by [Mark Overmeer <>]. For other
       contributors see	ChangeLog.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.  See

perl v5.32.0			  2019-07-02	     XML::Compile::Iterator(3)


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