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XFontSetExtents(3)		XLIB FUNCTIONS		    XFontSetExtents(3)

       XFontSetExtents - XFontSetExtents structure

       The XFontSetExtents structure contains:

       typedef struct {
	       XRectangle max_ink_extent;      /* over all drawable characters */
	       XRectangle max_logical_extent;  /* over all drawable characters */
       } XFontSetExtents;

       The XRectangle structures used to return	font set metrics are the usual
       Xlib screen-oriented rectangles with x, y giving	the upper left corner,
       and width and height always positive.

       The  max_ink_extent  member gives the maximum extent, over all drawable
       characters, of the rectangles that  bound  the  character  glyph	 image
       drawn in	the foreground color, relative to a constant origin.  See Xmb-
       TextExtents and XwcTextExtents for detailed semantics.

       The max_logical_extent member gives the maximum extent, over all	 draw-
       able  characters,  of  the  rectangles  that specify minimum spacing to
       other graphical features, relative to a constant	origin.	 Other graphi-
       cal features drawn by the client, for example, a	border surrounding the
       text, should not	intersect this rectangle.  The max_logical_extent mem-
       ber should be used to compute minimum interline spacing and the minimum
       area that must be allowed in a text field to draw a given number	of ar-
       bitrary characters.

       Due  to	context-dependent  rendering, appending	a given	character to a
       string may change the string's extent by	 an  amount  other  than  that
       character's individual extent.

       XCreateFontSet(3), XExtentsOfFontSet(3),	XFontsOfFontSet(3)
       Xlib - C	Language X Interface

X Version 11			 libX11	1.7.2		    XFontSetExtents(3)


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