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XAddConnectionWatch(3)		XLIB FUNCTIONS		XAddConnectionWatch(3)

       XAddConnectionWatch, XRemoveConnectionWatch, XProcessInternalConnec-
       tion, XInternalConnectionNumbers	- handle Xlib internal connections

       typedef void (*XConnectionWatchProc)(Display *display, XPointer
	      client_data, int fd, Bool	opening, XPointer *watch_data);

       Status XAddConnectionWatch(Display *display, XWatchProc procedure,
	      XPointer client_data);

       Status XRemoveConnectionWatch(Display *display, XWatchProc procedure,
	      XPointer client_data);

       void XProcessInternalConnection(Display *display, int fd);

       Status XInternalConnectionNumbers(Display *display, int **fd_return,
	      int *count_return);

		 Specifies the additional client data.

		 Returns the number of file descriptors.

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       fd	 Specifies the file descriptor.

       fd_return Returns the file descriptors.

       procedure Specifies the procedure to be called.

       The XAddConnectionWatch function	registers a procedure to be called
       each time Xlib opens or closes an internal connection for the specified
       display.	 The procedure is passed the display, the specified
       client_data, the	file descriptor	for the	connection, a Boolean indicat-
       ing whether the connection is being opened or closed, and a pointer to
       a location for private watch data.  If opening is True, the procedure
       can store a pointer to private data in the location pointed to by
       watch_data; when	the procedure is later called for this same connection
       and opening is False, the location pointed to by	watch_data will	hold
       this same private data pointer.

       This function can be called at any time after a display is opened.  If
       internal	connections already exist, the registered procedure will imme-
       diately be called for each of them, before XAddConnectionWatch returns.
       XAddConnectionWatch returns a nonzero status if the procedure is	suc-
       cessfully registered; otherwise,	it returns zero.

       The registered procedure	should not call	any Xlib functions.  If	the
       procedure directly or indirectly	causes the state of internal connec-
       tions or	watch procedures to change, the	result is not defined.	If
       Xlib has	been initialized for threads, the procedure is called with the
       display locked and the result of	a call by the procedure	to any Xlib
       function	that locks the display is not defined unless the executing
       thread has externally locked the	display	using XLockDisplay.

       The XRemoveConnectionWatch function removes a previously	registered
       connection watch	procedure.  The	client_data must match the client_data
       used when the procedure was initially registered.

       The XProcessInternalConnection function processes input available on an
       internal	connection.  This function should be called for	an internal
       connection only after an	operating system facility (for example,	select
       or poll)	has indicated that input is available; otherwise, the effect
       is not defined.

       The XInternalConnectionNumbers function returns a list of the file de-
       scriptors for all internal connections currently	open for the specified
       display.	 When the allocated list is no longer needed, free it by using
       XFree.  This functions returns a	nonzero	status if the list is success-
       fully allocated;	otherwise, it returns zero.

       Xlib - C	Language X Interface

X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.5		XAddConnectionWatch(3)


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