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WMXMMS(1)		    General Commands Manual		     WMXMMS(1)

       WMmp - A	dockapp	to interface with mpd

       WMmp [options]

       This manual page	documents briefly the WMmp command.

       WMmp is a dockapp to interface and control mpd. It is a dockapp that is
       supported by X window managers such as Window Maker, AfterStep,	Black-
       Box, and	Enlightenment.

       The song	title and time is displayed in the top half.  The controls are
       in the bottom half and reflect settings on mpd.	It has	an  LCD	 look-
       alike  user interface.  The back-light may be turned on/off by clicking
       the mouse button	3 (right) over the application.

       You must	set the	MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT  environment  variables  to  run
       WMmp.   (If  you	 use a password	to contact mpd,	set MPD_HOST to	"pass-

       This program follows the	usual GNU command line syntax, with  long  op-
       tions  starting with two	dashes (`-'). A	summary	of options is included

       -d, --display <string>
	      Attempt to open a	window on the named X display. In the  absence
	      of   this	 option, the  display  specified  by the DISPLAY envi-
	      ronment variable is used.

       -bl, --backlight
	      turn on back-light

       -lc, --light-color <color>
	      back-light color (rgb:6E/C6/3B is	default)

       -i, --interval <number>
	      number of	secs between updates (1	is default)

       -h, --help
	      show help	text and exit

       -v, --version
	      show program version and exit

       -w, --windowed
	      run the application in windowed mode

       -bw, --broken-wm
	      activate broken window manager fix

	      WMmp was assembled by Anthony Peacock <>  It
	      is  based	on code/design by Thomas Nemeth	<>.  It
	      is largely based on  WMMemMon  and  WMCPULoad  by	 Seiichi  SATO
	      <>,   WMMemLoad	  by   Mark  Staggs  <me@mark->    and    wmapm    by	   Chris     D.	     Faulhaber
	      <>    Michael	  G.	Henderson   <mghender->. In	addition wmusic	by Hadess  <>
	      and maintained by	John <> was	used as	design

				March 29, 2003			     WMXMMS(1)


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