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VOP_READ_PGCACHE(9)    FreeBSD Kernel Developer's Manual   VOP_READ_PGCACHE(9)

     VOP_READ_PGCACHE -- read a	file, fast

     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <sys/vnode.h>
     #include <sys/uio.h>

     VOP_READ_PGCACHE(struct vnode *vp,	struct uio *uio, int ioflag,
	 struct	ucred *cred);

     This entry	point reads the	contents of a file.  The intent	is to provide
     the data from caches, which do not	require	expensive operations or	any
     disk IO.  For instance, if	filesystem uses	normal VM page cache and main-
     tains v_object lifetime, it can use vn_read_from_obj(9) helper to return
     data from the resident vp->v_object pages.

     The filesystem indicates support for the VOP_READ_PGCACHE on specific vn-
     ode by setting the	VIRF_PGREAD flag in vp->v_irflag.

     The function does not need	to satisfy the whole request; it also might
     choose to not provide any data.  In these cases, the uio must be advanced
     by	the amount of read data, VOP_READ_PGCACHE should return	EJUSTRETURN,
     and VFS would handle the rest of the read operation using the

     The VFS layer does	the same deadlock avoidance for	accessing userspace
     pages from	VOP_READ_PGCACHE as for	VOP_READ(9).

     Vnode is not locked on the	call entry and should not be locked on return.
     For a filesystem that requires vnode lock to return any data, it does not
     make sense	to implement VOP_READ_PGCACHE (and set VIRF_PGREAD flag) since
     VFS arranges the call to VOP_READ(9) as needed.

     The arguments are:

     vp	     The vnode of the file.

     uio     The location of the data to be read.

     ioflag  Various flags, see	VOP_READ(9) for	the list.

     cred    The credentials of	the caller.

     VOP_READ_PGCACHE does not handle non-zero ioflag argument.

     The file should be	referenced on entry on entry and will still be refer-
     enced on exit.  Rangelock covering	the whole read range should be owned
     around the	call.

     Zero is returned on success, when the whole request is satisfied, and no
     more data cannot be provided for it by any	means.	If more	data can be
     returned, but VOP_READ_PGCACHE was	unable to provide it, EJUSTRETURN must
     be	returned.  The uio records should be updated according to the partial
     operation done.

     Otherwise an error	code is	returned, same as from VOP_READ(9)

     uiomove(9), vnode(9), VOP_READ(9)

FreeBSD	13.0		       February	28, 2021		  FreeBSD 13.0


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