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VCP::Logger(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	VCP::Logger(3)

       VCP::Logger - Update message, bug, and Log file management

	  use VCP::Logger qw( shell_quote );

       Does not	throw exceptions or use	the debug module, so this is safe to
       use with	both.  Load this as the	very first module in your program.

       The log file name defaults to "vcp.log",	set the	environment variable
       VCPLOGFILE to change it.	 Here's	how to do this in your program:

	  BEGIN	{
	     $ENV{VCPLOGFILE} =	""
		unless defined $ENV{VCPLOGFILE}	|| length $ENV{VCPLOGFILE};

       lg  Prints a timestamped	message	to the log.  Adds a trailing newline
	   if need be.	The first word of the message should not be
	   capitalized unless it's a name or acronym; this makes grepping a
	   bit easier (same for	all error messages).

	   "lg"	is "log" abbreviated so	as not to conflict with	Perl's builtin

	   The timestamps are in integer seconds since this module was
	   compiled unless you have Time::HiRes	install	in which case they are
	   in floating point seconds.

	   Should not throw an exception or alter $@ in	the normal course of
	   events (does	not call any routines that should do so).

	   Returns a reference to the log filehandle (*LOG{IO})	so you can
	   emit	to the log directly.  The log is flushed after every write, so
	   this	should be quite	safe.

       pr  Print a status notification to STDERR (unless in quiet mode)	and
	   log it.

	      pr_doing "Fooo";
	      pr_doing "Fooo", { ...options... };
	      pr_doing;	 ## to show progress

	   Print a status notification and show	progress.  Call	repeatedly to
	   show	continuing progress.  Works with pr() to manage	lineends.

	   Call	with no	parameters to show progress on the current task.  Call
	   pr_done or pr_done_failed to	finish up.


	       Expect	=> $c, # There should be this number of	calls, total, not
			       # including the call with the options set..

	       pr_did $what, $status;

	   Adds	a message to the progress bar, does not	affect progress

	   Useful to display additional	progress metrics.

	   Call	before pr_doing.

	   Show	that we're active.

	   Called to end a "pr_doing" sucessfully.  Logs the completion	bug
	   does	not emit to STDERR.  Prints and	logs any message passed.

	   Called to end a "pr_doing" in dismal	failure.  Logs the
	   (in)completion and and emits	a message to the log and STDERR	if one
	   is passed.

       BUG Reports a bug using Carp::confess and logging the information.

	       set_quiet_mode( 1 );
	       set_quiet_mode( 0 );

	   Called to quash (or allow) progress bars.  See the "--quiet"	option
	   on the command line.

	   Returns the time the	application started.  This is a	floating point
	   number if Time::HiRes was found.

       Copyright 2000, Perforce	Software, Inc.	All Rights Reserved.

       This module and the VCP package are licensed according to the terms
       given in	the file LICENSE accompanying this distribution, a copy	of
       which is	included in vcp.

perl v5.32.1			  2004-11-04			VCP::Logger(3)


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