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VCP::MainBranchIdDB(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioVCP::MainBranchIdDB(3)

       VCP::MainBranchIdDB - Persistant	storage	for tracking which branch_ids
       are the main CVS	dev branch for each file.

	   use base qw(	VCP::MainBranchIdDB );

       Some repositories branch	in file	name space (p4,	vss), others in
       revision	number space (cvs).  Those that	branch in revision space have
       an inherent concept of a	file's main branch in its revision number,
       while those that	branch in name space do	not have an inherent idea of
       the main	branch of a file that can be discerned without going back and
       checking	the first revision of each file.  In other words, these
       repositories always have	a branch_id, event for the main	branch of a

       It's up to the destination repository to	track which branch of each
       file it considers to be the main	development branch.

       Note that "" is a perfectly valid branch_id that	often indicates	the
       main development	branch.	 This is SCM (and VCP::Source::*) specific,
       but occurs in cvs and is	expected to occur in any SCMs that branch in
       revision	space and have the empty prefix	as the branch prefix for the
       main development	branch.

       NOTE: unlike RevMapDB and HeadRevsDB, this DB is	not modelling
       information per source repository; it is	modelling information per
       destination repository.	So the key is destination-side and does	not
       include the source_repo_id.

       TODO: allow the user to indicate	this using a VCP::Filter::* module.

       Barrie Slaymaker	<>

       Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002 Perforce Software, Inc.  All rights

       See VCP::License	("vcp help license") for the terms of use.

perl v5.32.1			  2004-11-04		VCP::MainBranchIdDB(3)


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