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URI::Nested(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	URI::Nested(3)

       URI::Nested - Nested URIs

	 package URI::jdbc;
	 use parent 'URI::Nested';
	 sub prefix	  { 'jdbc' }
	 sub nested_class { undef  }
	 sub subprotocol  { shift->nested_uri->scheme(@_) }

	 package main;
	 my $jdbc_uri =	URI->new('jdbc:oracle:scott/tiger@//myhost:1521/myservicename');
	 my $nested_uri	= $jdbc_uri->nested_uri;

       This class provides support for nested URIs, where the scheme is	a
       prefix, and the remainder of the	URI is another URI. Examples include
       JDBC URIs
       and database URIs <>.

       The following differences exist compared	to the "URI" class interface:

   Class Method

       Returns the prefix to be	used, which corresponds	to the URI's scheme.
       Defaults	to the last part of class name.


       Returns the URI subclass	to use for the nested URI. If defined, the
       nested URI will always be coerced into this class if it is not
       naturally an instance of	this class or one of its subclasses.


	 my $uri = URI::Nested->new($string);
	 my $uri = URI::Nested->new($string, $base);

       Always returns a	URI::Nested object. $base may be another URI object or
       string. Unlike in URI's "new()",	schemes	will always be applied to the
       URI and the nested URI if they does not already schemes.	And if
       "nested_class" is defined, the nested URI will be coerced into that


	 my $scheme = $uri->scheme;
	 $uri->scheme( $new_scheme );

       Gets or sets the	scheme part of the URI.	When setting the scheme, it
       must always be the same as the value returned by	"prefix" or an
       exception will be thrown	-- although the	letter casing may vary.	The
       returned	value is always	lowercase.


	 my $nested_uri	= $uri->nested_uri;

       Returns the nested URI.

   Instance Methods

	 my $abs = $uri->abs( $base_uri	);

       Returns the URI::Nested object itself. Unlike URI's "abs()",
       $URI::ABS_ALLOW_RELATIVE_SCHEME is ignored.


	 my $rel = $uri->rel( $base_uri	);

       Returns the URI::Nested object itself.

       This module is stored in	an open	GitHub repository
       <>. Feel	free to	fork and contribute!

       Please file bug reports via GitHub Issues
       <> or by sending mail to <>.

       David E.	Wheeler	<>

Copyright and License
       Copyright (c) 2013 David	E. Wheeler. Some Rights	Reserved.

       This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-08			URI::Nested(3)

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