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Tk_GetSelection(3)	     Tk	Library	Procedures	    Tk_GetSelection(3)


       Tk_GetSelection - retrieve the contents of a selection

       #include	<tk.h>

       Tk_GetSelection(interp, tkwin, selection, target, proc, clientData)

       Tcl_Interp *interp (in)		      Interpreter to use for reporting

       Tk_Window tkwin (in)		      Window on	whose  behalf  to  re-
					      trieve the selection (determines
					      display from which to retrieve).

       Atom selection (in)		      The name of the selection	to  be

       Atom target (in)			      Form in which to retrieve	selec-

       Tk_GetSelProc *proc (in)		      Procedure	to invoke  to  process
					      pieces  of the selection as they
					      are retrieved.

       ClientData clientData (in)	      Arbitrary	one-word value to pass
					      to proc.

       Tk_GetSelection retrieves the selection specified by the	atom selection
       in the format specified by target.  The selection may actually  be  re-
       trieved	in  several pieces; as each piece is retrieved,	proc is	called
       to process the piece.  Proc should have arguments and result that match
       the type	Tk_GetSelProc:
	      typedef int Tk_GetSelProc(
		  ClientData clientData,
		  Tcl_Interp *interp,
		  char *portion);
       The clientData and interp parameters to proc will be copies of the cor-
       responding arguments to Tk_GetSelection.	 Portion will be a pointer  to
       a  string  containing  part  or all of the selection.  For large	selec-
       tions, proc will	be called several times	with  successive  portions  of
       the selection.  The X Inter-Client Communication	Conventions Manual al-
       lows a selection	to be returned in formats other	than strings, e.g.  as
       an array	of atoms or integers.  If this happens,	Tk converts the	selec-
       tion back into a	string before calling proc.  If	 a  selection  is  re-
       turned  as an array of atoms, Tk	converts it to a string	containing the
       atom names separated by white space.   For  any	other  format  besides
       string, Tk converts a selection to a string containing hexadecimal val-
       ues separated by	white space.

       Tk_GetSelection returns to its caller when the selection	has been  com-
       pletely	retrieved and processed	by proc, or when a fatal error has oc-
       curred (e.g. the	selection owner	did not	respond	promptly).   Tk_GetSe-
       lection	normally  returns  TCL_OK;   if	 an  error  occurs, it returns
       TCL_ERROR and leaves an error message in	interp-_result.	  Proc	should
       also  return either TCL_OK or TCL_ERROR.	If proc	encounters an error in
       dealing with the	selection, it should leave an  error  message  in  in-
       terp-_result  and  return TCL_ERROR;  this will abort the selection re-

       format, get, selection retrieval

Tk				      4.0		    Tk_GetSelection(3)


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