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Time::CTime(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	Time::CTime(3)

       Time::CTime -- format times ala POSIX asctime

	       use Time::CTime
	       print ctime(time);
	       print asctime(localtime(time));
	       print strftime(template,	localtime(time));

   strftime conversions
	       %%      PERCENT
	       %a      day of the week abbr
	       %A      day of the week
	       %b      month abbr
	       %B      month
	       %c      ctime format: Sat Nov 19	21:05:57 1994
	       %d      DD
	       %D      MM/DD/YY
	       %e      numeric day of the month
	       %f      floating	point seconds (milliseconds): .314
	       %F      floating	point seconds (microseconds): .314159
	       %h      month abbr
	       %H      hour, 24	hour clock, leading 0's)
	       %I      hour, 12	hour clock, leading 0's)
	       %j      day of the year
	       %k      hour
	       %l      hour, 12	hour clock
	       %m      month number, starting with 1, leading 0's
	       %M      minute, leading 0's
	       %n      NEWLINE
	       %o      ornate day of month -- "1st", "2nd", "25th", etc.
	       %p      AM or PM
	       %r      time format: 09:05:57 PM
	       %R      time format: 21:05
	       %S      seconds,	leading	0's
	       %t      TAB
	       %T      time format: 21:05:57
	       %U      week number, Sunday as first day	of week
	       %v      DD-Mon-Year
	       %w      day of the week,	numerically, Sunday == 0
	       %W      week number, Monday as first day	of week
	       %x      date format: 11/19/94
	       %X      time format: 21:05:57
	       %y      year (2 digits)
	       %Y      year (4 digits)
	       %Z      timezone	in ascii. eg: PST

       This module provides routines to	format dates.  They correspond to the
       libc routines.  &strftime() supports a pretty good set of coversions --
       more than most C	libraries.

       strftime	supports a pretty good set of conversions.

       The POSIX module	has very similar functionality.	 You should consider
       using it	instead	if you do not have allergic reactions to system

       Written by David	Muir Sharnoff <>.

       The starting point for this package was a posting by Paul Foley

       Copyright (C) 1996-2010 David Muir Sharnoff.  Copyright (C) 2011
       Google, Inc.  License hereby granted for	anyone to use, modify or
       redistribute this module	at their own risk.  Please feed	useful changes
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perl v5.32.1			  2011-05-12			Time::CTime(3)


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