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Tie::Hash::NamedCapturePerl Programmers	Reference GuTie::Hash::NamedCapture(3)

       Tie::Hash::NamedCapture - Named regexp capture buffers

	   tie my %hash, "Tie::Hash::NamedCapture";
	   # %hash now behaves like %+

	   tie my %hash, "Tie::Hash::NamedCapture", all	=> 1;
	   # %hash now access buffers from regexp in $qr like %-

       This module is used to implement	the special hashes "%+"	and "%-", but
       it can be used to tie other variables as	you choose.

       When the	"all" parameter	is provided, then the tied hash	elements will
       be array	refs listing the contents of each capture buffer whose name is
       the same	as the associated hash key. If none of these buffers were
       involved	in the match, the contents of that array ref will be as	many
       "undef" values as there are capture buffers with	that name. In other
       words, the tied hash will behave	as "%-".

       When the	"all" parameter	is omitted or false, then the tied hash
       elements	will be	the contents of	the leftmost defined buffer with the
       name of the associated hash key.	In other words,	the tied hash will
       behave as "%+".

       The keys	of "%-"-like hashes correspond to all buffer names found in
       the regular expression; the keys	of "%+"-like hashes list only the
       names of	buffers	that have captured (and	that are thus associated to
       defined values).

       This implementation has been moved into the core	executable, but	you
       can still load this module for backward compatibility.

       perlreapi, re, "Pragmatic Modules" in perlmodlib, "%+" in perlvar, "%-"
       in perlvar.

perl v5.35.5			  2021-09-26	    Tie::Hash::NamedCapture(3)


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