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MicroMason::Docs::ReadUser)Contributed Perl DocumenMicroMason::Docs::ReadMe(3)

       Text::MicroMason::Docs::ReadMe -	About the MicroMason Distribution

       The HTML::Mason module provides a useful	syntax for dynamic template
       interpretation (sometimes called	embedded scripting): plain text	(or
       HTML) containing	occasional chunks of Perl code whose results are
       interpolated into the text when the template is "executed."

       However,	HTML::Mason also provides a full-featured web application
       framework with numerous other functions,	and there are times in which
       I'd like	to use the templating capability without configuring a full
       Mason installation.

       Thus, the Text::MicroMason module was born: it supports the core
       aspects of the HTML::Mason syntax ("<%...%>" expressions, "%...\n"
       lines and "<%perl>...</%perl>" blocks, "<& file &>" includes, "%ARGS"
       and "$_out->()"), and omits the features	that are web specific (like
       autohandlers) or	are less widely	used (like "<%method>" blocks).

       You may well be thinking	"yet another dynamic templating	module?
       Sheesh!"	And you'd have a good point. There certainly are a wide
       variety of templating toolkits on CPAN already. (For a brief list see

       Nonetheless, I think this module	occupies a useful niche: it provides a
       reasonable subset of HTML::Mason	syntax in a very light-weight fashion.
       In comparison to	the other modules listed, MicroMason aims to be	fairly
       lightweight, using one eval per parse, converting the template to a
       compiled	subroutine reference, and requiring less than five hundred
       lines of	Perl code.

       Although	it notoriously difficult to fairly benchmark competing
       template	frameworks, at least some anecdotal evidence indicates that
       this module performs reasonably well.

       It is also highly modular, allowing users to select and enable the
       combination of features they desire. Automatic caching, safe
       compartments, post-processing and other features	are available as mixin
       classes that are	loaded on demand.

       I've recently added mixin classes that emulate the template syntax used
       by Apache::ASP, Embperl,	HTML::Template,	PLP, Text::Template, and

       This is version 2.13 of Text::MicroMason.

       If you encounter	any problems, please inform the	current	maintainer and
       I'll endeavor to	patch them promptly.

       This module's CPAN registration should read:

	 Name		 DSLIP	Description
	 --------------	 -----	---------------------------------------------
	 Text::		 Group 11: Text	Processing
	 ::MicroMason	 Rdpfp	Simplified HTML::Mason Templating

       Please see the CPAN Testers report for a	sample of systems this module
       has been	tested successfully on:

       The required version of perl has	been increased to 5.6 as of version
       1.993_01. It should work	with on	any standard platform which runs Perl.

       Although	almost all currently existing features work on versions	of
       Perl reaching back to 5.0, it will benefit Text::MicroMason in the long
       run if supporting legacy	versions of Perl was not necessary. Please
       contact the new maintainer to gripe, if you absolutely need
       Text::MicroMason	on an older version of Perl.

       There is	one pre-requisite module not included with the core
       distribution which must be installed from CPAN: Class::MixinFactory.

       If you want to use the Text::Template compatibility mode, you will also
       need to install Text::Balanced.

       Various other mixins included in	MicroMason require other modules in
       order to	be useful, but MicroMason installs and tests without them. (I
       should be more specific here in the future.)

       You should be able to install this module using the CPAN	shell

	 perl -MCPAN -e	'install Text::MicroMason'

       Alternately, you	may retrieve this package from CPAN

       After downloading the distribution, follow the normal procedure to
       unpack and install it, using the	commands shown below or	their local
       equivalents on your system:

	 tar xzf Text-MicroMason-*.tar.gz
	 cd Text-MicroMason-*
	 perl Makefile.PL
	 make test && sudo make	install

       If you have questions or	feedback about this module, please feel	free
       to contact the maintainer or original author at the e-mail address
       listed below. Although there is no formal support program, I do attempt
       to answer email promptly.

       I would be particularly interested in any suggestions towards improving
       the documentation, correcting any Perl-version or platform
       dependencies, as	well as	general	feedback and suggested additions.

       Bug reports that	contain	a failing test case are	greatly	appreciated,
       and suggested patches will be promptly considered for inclusion in
       future releases.

       You can report bugs via the CPAN	web tracking system, or	send mail to
       "", replacing "#"	with "@".

       If you've found this module useful or have feedback about your
       experience with it, consider sharing your opinion with other Perl users
       by posting your comment to CPAN's ratings system.

       For more	general	discussion, you	may wish to post a message on the
       CPAN::Forum, on PerlMonks, or on	the comp.lang.perl.modules newsgroup.
       These are not all monitored by the current maintainer, so if you	want a
       response, please	contact	me directly.

       My sincere thanks to the	following people for their feedback and

	 Pascal	Barbedor
	 Mark Hampton
	 Philip	King
	 Daniel	J. Wright
	 William Kern
	 Tommi Maekitalo
	 Alan Ferrency
	 Jonas Alves
	 Matthew Simon Cavalletto
	 Jon Warbrick
	 Frank Wiegand
	 Mike Kelly
	 Niko Tyni
	 Ansgar	Burchardt

       Portions	based on HTML::Mason by	Jonathan Swartz.

       Portions	based on Embperl by Gerald Richter.

       Portions	based on HTML::Template	by Sam Tregar.

       Portions	based on PLP by	Juerd Waalboer.

       Portions	based on Text::Template	by Mark	Jason Dominus.

       Portions	based on Text::QuickTemplate by	Eric J.	Roode.

       Developed by Matthew Simon Cavalletto at	Evolution Softworks.  You may
       contact the author directly at "" or
       "",	replacing "#" with "@".

       Currently maintained by Alan Ferrency <> at pair
       Networks, Inc.

       Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005	Matthew	Simon Cavalletto.

       Portions	copyright 2001 Evolution Online	Systems, Inc.

       You may use, modify, and	distribute this	software under the same	terms
       as Perl.

perl v5.32.1			  2011-01-13	   MicroMason::Docs::ReadMe(3)


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