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       TIFFCurrentRow,	TIFFCurrentStrip,  TIFFCurrentTile,  TIFFCurrentDirec-
       tory, TIFFLastDirectory,	TIFFFileno, TIFFFileName,  TIFFGetMode,	 TIFF-
       IsTiled,	TIFFIsByteSwapped, TIFFIsUpSampled, TIFFIsMSB2LSB, TIFFGetVer-
       sion - query routines

       #include	<tiffio.h>

       uint32 TIFFCurrentRow(TIFF* tif)
       tstrip_t	TIFFCurrentStrip(TIFF* tif)
       ttile_t TIFFCurrentTile(TIFF* tif)
       tdir_t TIFFCurrentDirectory(TIFF* tif)
       int TIFFLastDirectory(TIFF* tif)
       int TIFFFileno(TIFF* tif)
       char* TIFFFileName(TIFF*	tif)
       int TIFFGetMode(TIFF* tif)
       int TIFFIsTiled(TIFF* tif)
       int TIFFIsByteSwapped(TIFF* tif)
       int TIFFIsUpSampled(TIFF* tif)
       int TIFFIsMSB2LSB(TIFF* tif)
       const char* TIFFGetVersion(void)

       The following routines return status information	 about	an  open  TIFF

       TIFFCurrentDirectory returns the	index of the current directory (direc-
       tories are numbered starting at 0). This	number	is  suitable  for  use
       with the	TIFFSetDirectory routine.

       TIFFLastDirectory  returns a non-zero value if the current directory is
       the last	directory in the file; otherwise zero is returned.

       TIFFCurrentRow, TIFFCurrentStrip, and TIFFCurrentTile, return the  cur-
       rent row, strip,	and tile, respectively,	that is	being read or written.
       These values are	updated	each time a read or write is done.

       TIFFFileno returns the underlying file descriptor used  to  access  the
       TIFF image in the filesystem.

       TIFFFileName returns the	pathname argument passed to TIFFOpen or	TIFFF-

       TIFFGetMode returns the mode with which the underlying file was opened.
       On UNIX systems,	this is	the value passed to the	open(2)	system call.

       TIFFIsTiled  returns  a	non-zero  value	 if the	image data has a tiled
       organization. Zero is returned  if  the	image  data  is	 organized  in

       TIFFIsByteSwapped  returns  a non-zero value if the image data was in a
       different byte-order than the host machine. Zero	 is  returned  if  the
       TIFF file and local host	byte-orders are	the same.  Note	that TIFFRead-
       Tile(), TIFFReadStrip() and TIFFReadScanline() functions	 already  nor-
       mally perform byte swapping to local host order if needed.

       TIFFIsUpSampled returns a non-zero value	if image data returned through
       the read	interface routines is being up-sampled.	This can be useful  to
       applications  that  want	 to calculate I/O buffer sizes to reflect this
       usage (though the usual strip and tile size routines already do this).

       TIFFIsMSB2LSB returns a non-zero	value  if  the	image  data  is	 being
       returned	with bit 0 as the most significant bit.

       TIFFGetVersion returns an ASCII string that has a version stamp for the
       TIFF library software.


       libtiff(3TIFF), TIFFOpen(3TIFF),	TIFFFdOpen(3TIFF)

libtiff			       October 29, 2004			  QUERY(3TIFF)


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