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T2::Schema(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	 T2::Schema(3)

       T2::Schema - Tangram Schemas, suitable for putting in a Tangram Store

       use T2::Schema;

       my $schema = T2::Schema->load("site"); $schema->compile();

       new Object();

       T2::Schema->load("site"[, $source])
	   This	is actually a constructor :-).

	   Load	the schema for "site" and return it.

	   $source, if given, may be a Tangram::Storage	object - in which case
	   it is assumed to be the schema database.  If	missing,
	   T2::Storage->connect() is used to obtain a handle to	the schema

	   $source may also be the correct Schema object, for convenience.  In
	   this	case it	is returned unchanged.

   $schema->read_file("site" | $filename)
       This is actually	a constructor :-).

       Load a dumped schema for	"site" and returns it.	$filename, if given,
       may be the name of a file to use, or the	site name (in which case, the
       file name is assumed to be etc/site.t2.

       Loads all of the	classes	in the schema in to memory.

       Tries to	use on-disk versions rather than generating the	in-memory
       object &	then compiling it.

       The idea	is that	Class::Tangram version 2 uses `Class' objects as input
       bread and butter	rather than `schema' structures.  This should
       eliminate the necessity for a huge `eval'.

       This interface is deprecated in favour of using $schema->generator

       Returns a Class::Tangram::Generator object that is valid	for this

       Returns the data	structure that is fed into Tangram::Schema->new().

       Note that Tangram performs various in-place edits of this data
       structure.  So don't go assuming	too much about it.

       Generates a Tangram Schema for this Schema, or returns the one that was
       already generated.  Use $schema->set_schema(undef) to force a re-
       generation of the Tangram Schema	structure.

       Returns the Tangram Storage class associated with this Schema.
       Possibly	connecting to the database.

       Returns the class definition for	class $name.

       Croaks if there is no class $name.

       Returns the class definition for	class $name.

       Returns undef if	no such	class is found.

       Returns the class definition for	class $name.

       Returns a new class if no such class is found.

       add_class_from_schema($name => $schema)
	   Adds	a Class	object to this schema, gleaning	information from
	   $schema, which you perhaps found in $YourClass::schema.

       Returns the classes in inheritance first	order.	Actually this function
       is pretty redundant, you	can just call "sort $schema->classes", but
       this implementation takes a different approach.

   $schema->traverse(sub { })
       Traverses over every object in the schema, setting $_[0]	to the item.

       Returns a structure of T2::Schema and related objects that represents
       the schema of the T2::Schema modules.

       Hey! The	above document had some	coding errors, which are explained

       Around line 160:
	   You forgot a	'=back'	before '=head2'

       Around line 490:
	   '=item' outside of any '=over'

       Around line 546:
	   You forgot a	'=back'	before '=head2'

perl v5.24.1			  2005-11-06			 T2::Schema(3)


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