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SyslogScan::SendmailLiUser)Contributed Perl DocumenSyslogScan::SendmailLine(3)

       SyslogScan::SendmailLine	-- Enhances basic SyslogEntry parsing by
       understanding sendmail to/from message syntax.

       Suppose I run a 'new SyslogEntry' command and read in the following

       Jun 13 01:32:26 satellife sendmail[23498]: WAA18677:,, delay=03:50:20, mailer=smtp, [], stat=Sent (May, have (embedded,

       If I have not loaded in SendmailLine, then 'new SyslogEntry' will
       return an 'UnsupportedEntry' object looking like	this:

	month => Jun,
	day => 13,
	time =>	01:32:26,
	machine	=> satellife,
	executable => sendmail,
	tag => 23498,
	content	=> WAA18677:,, delay=03:50:20, ...

       On the other hand, if I have a 'use SyslogScan::SendmailLine' command
       before my call to 'new SyslogEntry', then I will	a 'SendmailLine'
       object with all of the above parameters,	plus the following additional

	messageID => WAA18677
	toList => (, )
	attrHash => ( to => ",",
		    delay => "03:50:20",
		    mailer => "smtp",
		    relay => " []",
		    stat => "Sent (May,	have (embedded,	commas))"

       Also well-supported is the 'From' line:

       Jun 13 01:34:54 satellife sendmail[26035]: BAA26035:
       from=<bar!baz!foo>, size=7000, class=0, pri=37000, nrcpts=1,
       msgid=<>, proto=SMTP, []

       will produce a SendmailLine object with the additional attributes of

	messageID => BAA26035
	attrHash => ( from => "<bar!baz!foo>",
		    size => "7000",
		    class => "0",
		    pri	=> "37000"
		    nrcpts => "1",
		    msgid => "<>",
		    proto => "SMTP",
		    relay => " []"

       Other types of lines are	legal, but are not currently very thorougly
       parsed, and therefore return somewhat minimal SendmailLine objects.

       Jun 13 13:05:35 satellife sendmail[19620]: NAA19606: NAA19620: return
       to sender: unknown mailer error 2

       will return a SendmailLine object with the usual	SyslogEntry
       attributes, plus	the single additional attribute	of

       messageID => NAA19606

       while lines like	the following produce SendmailLine objects with	no
       additional SendmailLine-specific	attributes:

       Jun 13 03:00:05 satellife sendmail[26611]: alias	database
       /var/yp/ rebuilt by root

       Note this is a subclass for SyslogScan::SyslogEntry which handles
       certain types of	logfile	lines.	See the	documentation for SyslogEntry
       for further details of how SyslogEntry subclassing works.

       Also, see the SyslogScan::SendmailLineFrom and
       SyslogScan::SendmailLineTo modules for examples of returned
       SendmailLine objects.

       The author (Rolf	Harold Nelson) can currently be	e-mailed as

       This code is Copyright (C) SatelLife, Inc. 1996.	 All rights reserved.
       This code is free software; you can redistribute	it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

       In no event shall SatelLife be liable to	any party for direct,
       indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of
       the use of this software	and its	documentation (including, but not
       limited to, lost	profits) even if the authors have been advised of the
       possibility of such damage.

       SyslogScan::SyslogEntry,	SyslogScan::SendmailLineFrom,

perl v5.32.1			  1996-09-26	   SyslogScan::SendmailLine(3)


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