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LRC(3)		      User Contributed Perl Documentation		LRC(3)

       LRC - Perl interface for	longitudinal redundancy	check generation

	   use String::LRC;
	   $lrc	= lrc("string to get lrc of");

       The Longitudinal	Redundancy Check (LRC) is a one	byte character,
       commonly	used as	a byte-field in	data transmission over analog systems.

       Most commonly, in STX-ETX bounded strings sent in financial protocols.
       Following some previous experience with such protocols, I wrote an LRC
       function	in perl	and later decided to re-write in C for efficiency.
       The result is this module String::LRC, which generates this
       aforementioned byte.

	   use String::LRC;
	   $lrc	= lrc("string to get lrc of");

	 Commonly used in financial protocols as follows with ETX (ASCII 03)
	 appended to LRC sum and packets after the STX (ASCII 02), payload,
	 and ETX chars.

	   use String::LRC;
	   $outboundString = chr(02) . $outboundString . chr(03)
			       . lrc($outboundString . chr(03));

       You may also use	String::LRC to get the LRC result of a file, following
       Soenke J. Peters' example for CRC32.  However, LRCs are really best
       used for	line-by-line parity.

	   use String::LRC;
	   open(TESTFILE, "/path/to/test.file");
	   $lrc	= lrc(*TESTFILE);

       A init value may	also been supplied in the above	example.

       Ralph Padron <>

       If you have any requests	or bugs, send email to the above address (no
       spam please).

       License to use this module/library and make use of in derivative	works
       is is granted to	all, freely, provided that this	module is identified
       as "derived from	R Padron" and notice of	other contributors be provided
       in any material referencing or mentioning this module.  The author
       makes no	representations	of possessing full or partial copyright	to the
       LRC code	nor the	algorythyms used in this module, as said is either
       public knowledge	or inspired by multiple	sources.

       LRC algorithms taken from combination of	sources:      1. Public
       Specifications, EIS 1081, San Francisco,	CA:	    Visa, 1999

	       2. QWEST	Communications,	Inc. Tech Publication 77359,
		  Module 5, Issue 1, October 2001. pg 36.

	       3. Tanenbaum, A.	S., Computer Networks,	3rd ed.
		  pp. 186-190Amsterdam,	The Netherlands: Vrije Univ., 1996.

       The module is inspired by the previous uses the author has had for the
       LRC generation algorythm; Inspiration for and partial code snippets for
       initial value and lrc generation	of file	data provided from Soenke J.
       Peters' String::CRC32.

       The author makes	no representations concerning either the
       merchantability of this software	or the suitability of this software
       for any particular purpose.  It is provided "as is" without express or
       implied warranty	of any kind.

       These notices must be retained in any copies of any part	of this
       documentation and/or software.

       String::CRC, String::CRC32, Device::SerialPort, Device::Modem.

perl v5.32.1			  2002-05-01				LRC(3)


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