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StdLabels(3)			 OCaml library			  StdLabels(3)

       StdLabels - Standard labeled libraries.

       Module	StdLabels

       Module StdLabels
	: sig end

       Standard	labeled	libraries.

       This meta-module	provides labelized version of the Array	, Bytes	, List
       and String modules.

       They only differ	by their labels. Detailed interfaces can be  found  in
       arrayLabels.mli , bytesLabels.mli , listLabels.mli and stringLabels.mli

       module Array : (module ArrayLabels)

       module Bytes : (module BytesLabels)

       module List : (module ListLabels)

       module String : (module StringLabels)

OCamldoc			  2017-04-30			  StdLabels(3)

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