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DNS(3)		      User Contributed Perl Documentation		DNS(3)

       Stanford::DNS - DNS Name	Functions and Constants

	 use Stanford::DNS;

	 $answer = dns_answer(QPTR, T_TXT, C_IN, 60, rr_TXT($text));

       Stanford::DNS defines DNS name functions	and constants.	The dns_answer
       function	is perhaps the most important function.	 It is used to create
       DNS answers returned by Stanford::DNSserver dynamic request handlers.
       The rr_*	family of functions are	used to	format the data	needed by

       dns_answer $qptr, $type,	$class,	$ttl, $rdata

       Returns a DNS answer of type $type and class $class with	TTL $ttl using
       the input resource record data $rdata.

       rr_* $data

       Stanford::DNS defines resource record functions for most	DNS record
       types.  The most	common types are listed	below.	Please refer to	the
       source for the rest.

       o   rr_A	$ip_address

	   Format an address record.

       o   rr_CNAME $name

	   Format a CNAME (alias) address record.

       o   rr_NS $name

	   Format a name server	record.

       o   rr_PTR $name

	   Format a pointer (reverse lookup) record.

       o   rr_MX $preference, $name

	   Format a mail exchanger record.

       o   rr_SOA $mname, $rname, $serial, $refresh, $retry, $expire, $min

	   Format a start of authority record.

       o   rr_TXT $text

	   Format a text record.

       Stanford::DNS defines many DNS constants.  The most commonly used are
       listed below.  Please refer to the source for the rest.

       o   QPTR

	   Pointer to the original question in a DNS packet.

       o   T_A

	   Address record type.

       o   T_NS

	   Name	server record type.

       o   T_CNAME

	   Canonical name (alias) record type.

       o   T_SOA

	   Start of authority record type.

       o   T_PTR

	   Pointer record type.

       o   T_MX

	   Mail	exchanger record type.

       o   T_TXT

	   Text	record type.

       o   C_IN

	   Internet record class.

       o   C_ANY

	   Any record class.

       o   NOERROR

	   Success code.

       o   FORMERR

	   Unable to interpret the query error code.

       o   SERVFAIL

	   Problem with	the name server	error code.

       o   NXDOMAIN

	   The domain name does	not exist error	code.

       o   NOTIMP

	   Not implemented error code.

       o   REFUSED

	   Query disallowed by policy error code.


perl v5.24.1			  2003-01-22				DNS(3)


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