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SpiderOakONE(1)			 User Commands		       SpiderOakONE(1)

       SpiderOakONE - Secure File Backup, Sync,	and Sharing Client

       SpiderOakONE basic command line usage:

	      show program's version number and	exit

       -h, --help
	      show this	help message and exit

       -v, --verbose
	      be verbose: show detailed	status information as it happens

	      Redirect console output to file

       -d NUMBER, --device=NUMBER
	      operate on specified device id (default is the local device)

       -o DIR, --output=DIR
	      Target dir to restore items to (default is normal	download dir)

	      honor the	set activity schedule, even in batchmode (normally the
	      schedule is ignored in batchmode)

	      disable activity scheduling

	      Operational Modes	and Commands:

       --scan, --scan-only
	      scan the filesystem for changes and report a summary

       --build,	--scan-and-build-only
	      scan the filesystem, and build all possible file system  changes
	      as shelved upload	transactions, and exit without uploading them

       --sync like batchmode, but only backup/update synced folders

	      ad  hoc  operation:  backup  whatever  exists  at	 TARGET	in the
	      filesystem and exit (ignores existing backup selection.)

	      Restore a	folder,	file, or version.  Run	"--restore  help"  for
	      more info

	      like headless, but will exit when	all available work is done

	      run in headless mode (without the	graphical interface)

	      purge a folder, file (including historical versions)

	      Information Commands:

       --userinfo, --user-info
	      Show user	and device info

       --shelved-x, --print-shelved-x
	      Show information about each shelved upload transaction

	      Show space usage information by category and by device

       --tree Show the hierarchy of stored backup folders

	      Show all folders and files stored	on device

	      Show  a  log  of	how the	hierarchy of stored backup folders has
	      changed over time

	      Show the changelog of a given folder

	      Backup Selection Manipulation Commands:

	      Do in/exclusion even if the path doesn't exist

       --selection, --print-selection
	      Show a list of selected and excluded backup items

	      Reset selection (but preserve excluded files)

	      Exclude the given	file from the selection

	      Exclude the given	directory from the selection

	      Include the given	directory from the selection

	      Maintenance Commands:

	      rebuild the SpiderOakONE reference database (can take awhile)

	      print a secure web auto-login URL	for billing info

	      destroy each shelved upload transaction already in progress.

	      repair a local SpiderOakONE installation

	      purge historical versions	of a folder, file:

	      "all": purge all historical versions of all files; '  "hM,dN,w":
	      hourly  for  last	 M hours, daily	for last N days, weekly	there-
	      after	     (also accepts (m)onthly and (y)early);  '	    no
	      option:  hourly  for  last  24 hours, daily for last month, then
	      weekly thereafter

	      purge deleted items older	than N days

	      Vacuum SpiderOakONE's local database (rebuilds  indexs  and  re-
	      claims local disk	space)

	      list parent_id's of unreferenced external	block files

	      convert SpiderOakONE's local database to use external files

	      generate missing image previews for the local device

	      Dangerous/Support	Commands:

	      Caution:	Do  not	 use  these  commands  unless  advised by Spi-
	      derOakONE	support.  They can damage your	installation  if  used

	      apply  all  transactions previously received from	remote devices
	      -- (not intended for general use -- this normally	happens	 auto-

	      purge all	deleted	items on the current device

	      help, find, free orphans

	      Account Commands:

	      Read a json definition file and use contents to create a new ac-

	      Read a json definition file and use contents to create a new ac-

	      Share Commands:

	      optional password	for --create-share

	      List shares

	      Create an	xact with a new	share. run 'help' for syntaxt

	      Create an	xact deleting a	share

SpiderOakONE			 December 2012		       SpiderOakONE(1)


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