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Spacetime.Series(3)		   OCamldoc		   Spacetime.Series(3)

       Spacetime.Series	- no description

       Module	Spacetime.Series

       Module Series
	: sig end

       type t

       Type  representing a file that will hold	a series of heap snapshots to-
       gether with additional information required to  interpret  those	 snap-

       val create : path:string	-> t

       create ~path creates a series file at path .

       val save_event :	?time:float -> t -> event_name:string -> unit

       save_event  writes  an  event,  which  is an arbitrary string, into the
       given series file.  This	may be used for	identifying particular	points
       during program execution	when analysing the profile.  The optional time
       parameter is as for Spacetime.Snapshot.take .

       val save_and_close : ?time:float	-> t ->	unit

       save_and_close series writes information	into series required  for  in-
       terpeting the snapshots that series contains and	then closes the	series
       file. This function must	be called to produce a valid series file.  The
       optional	time parameter is as for Spacetime.Snapshot.take .

2020-08-11			    source:		   Spacetime.Series(3)

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