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ShipIt::VC::SVN(3)    User Contributed Perl Documentation   ShipIt::VC::SVN(3)

       ShipIt::VC::SVN -- ShipIt's subversion support

       In your .shipit configuration file, the following options are

	   A pattern which ultimately expands into the absolute	subversion URL
	   for a tagged	version.  If the pattern isn't already absolute, the
	   conventional	"tags" directory is used as a base.  The pattern has
	   one magic variable, %v, which expands to the	version	number being
	   tagged.  If no %v is	found, it's placed at the end.

	   Example legit values:
		   Both	the above are equivalent.

		   Will	automatically add %v to	the end	(of nothing), then
		   auto-find your 'tags' URL, resulting	in a final URL of:

		   If your svn repo hosts more than one	project, this default
		   URL could be	bad, as	the tagged directory has no project
		   name	in it.

perl v5.32.1			  2012-07-21		    ShipIt::VC::SVN(3)


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