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Xapian::MatchSpy(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  Xapian::MatchSpy(3)

       Search::Xapian::MatchSpy	- abstract base	class for match	spies.

       This is an abstract base	class for match	spies in Xapian.

       The subclasses will generally accumulate	information seen during	the
       match, to calculate aggregate functions,	or other profiles of the
       matching	documents.

       operator() <Document> <weight>
	   Virtual - needs to be implemented in	extending classes. Registers a
	   document with the match spy.

	   This	is called by the matcher once with each	document seen by the
	   matcher during the match process. Note that the matcher will	often
	   not see all the documents which match the query, due	to
	   optimisations which allow low-weighted documents to be skipped, and
	   allow the match process to be terminated early.

	   Return a string describing this object.

	   This	default	implementation returns a generic answer, to avoid
	   forcing those deriving their	own MatchSpy subclasses	from having to
	   implement this (they	may not	care what get_description() gives for
	   their subclass).

	   Reimplemented in Xapian::ValueCountMatchSpy.

	   Return the name of this match spy.

	   This	name is	used by	the remote backend. It is passed with the
	   serialised parameters to the	remote server so that it knows which
	   class to create. Return the full namespace-qualified	name of	your
	   class here. If you don't want to support the	remote backend in your
	   match spy, you can use the default implementation which simply
	   throws Xapian::UnimplementedError.

	   Reimplemented in Xapian::ValueCountMatchSpy.

       Search::Xapian, Search::Xapian::ValueCountMatchSpy,

perl v5.32.1			  2018-07-09		   Xapian::MatchSpy(3)


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