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SVN::Notify::AlternatiUser)Contributed Perl DocumenSVN::Notify::Alternative(3)

       SVN::Notify::Alternative	- MIME multipart/alternative notification

       Use svnnotify in	post-commit:

	 svnnotify --repos-path	"$1" --revision	"$2" \
	   --to --handler Alternative [options]

       For example:

	 svnnotify --repos-path	"$1" --revision	"$2" \
	   --to --handler Alternative \
	   --alternative HTML::ColorDiff

       Use the class in	a custom script:

	 use SVN::Notify::Alternative;

	 my $notifier =	SVN::Notify::Alternative->new(%params);

       This subclass of	SVN::Notify sends MIME multipart/alternative email
       messages	for Subversion activity. The messages contain both the
       standard	SVN::Notify plain text change notification and one or more
       alternative formats of the message. The default alternative format is

       Note that this means that many or all of	the processing of a subversion
       commit will be executed multiple	times, once for	the plain text version
       and then	again for each alternative version. This will therefore
       increase	resource usage on your Subversion server (mainly processor
       time, but also possibly memory).

       It also means that the size of the outgoing message will	increase for
       each alternative. If you're using "--with-diff",	then those messages
       could be	very large indeed for large commits. If, however, you use
       "--attach-diff",	the diff will only be attached to the last

       To use SVN::Notify::Alternative,	simply follow the instructions in
       SVN::Notify, but	when using svnnotify, use the "--alternative" option
       to add one or more alternative formats.

Class Interface

	 my $notifier =	SVN::Notify::Alternative->new(%params);

       Constructs and returns a	new SVN::Notify	object.	All parameters
       supported by SVN::Notity	are supported here, as are the options of all
       specified alternative formats, but SVN::Notify::Alternative supports an
       additional parameter:

	     svnnotify --alternative HTML
	     svnnotify --alt HTML --alt	HTML::ColorDiff

	   An array reference that specifies the SVN::Notify handlers
	   (subclasses)	to be used for formatting the alternative parts	of the
	   notification	message. The command-line option may be	called as
	   either "--alternative" or "--alt", and the value is the same	as
	   that	of the SVN::Notify "--handler" parameter, i.e.	the module
	   name	without	the "SVN::Notify::" prefix. Specify the	option
	   multiple times to specify multiple alternative handlers. Defaults
	   to "['HTML']" if not	specified.

Instance Interface
   Instance Methods


       Overrides the "output()"	method of SVN::Notify to replace the standard
       message output with a MIME "multipart/alternative" skeleton. It then
       creates new instances of	the standard SVN::Notify plain text formatter
       and each	of the configured alternative formatters, and uses those
       instances to fill in the	alternative parts of the message. If
       "attach_diff" is	true, it will be used only in the last alternative to
       be output, which	should also be the richest format.

       In addition to those supported by SVN::Notify, SVN::Notify::Alternative
       supports	the following accessors:


	 my $alts = $notify->alternatives;

       Gets or sets the	value of the "alternatives" attribute, which must
       always be set to	an array reference.

See Also

       Jukka Zitting <>

       David E.	Wheeler	<>

Copyright and License
       Copyright (c) 2005 Jukka	Zitting	and 2005-2016 David E. Wheeler.	Some
       Rights Reserved.

       This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-09	   SVN::Notify::Alternative(3)

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