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SVN::Web::X(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	SVN::Web::X(3)

       SVN::Web::X - exceptions	for SVN::Web

	 use SVN::Web::X;


	 SVN::Web::X->throw(error => '(error message %1)',
			    vars => [$var_to_interpolate]);

       SVN::Web::X implements exceptions for SVN::Web.	Derived	from
       Exception::Class, It provides a simple mechanism	for throwing
       exceptions, catching them, and ensuring that friendly, localised	error
       messages	are generated and sent to the user's browser.

       If an SVN::Web action that you are writing needs	to stop	processing and
       raise an	error, throw an	SVN::Web::X exception.

       "throw()" takes a hash with two mandatory keys.

	   A string describing the error.  This	string should be short,	and
	   key to a longer internationalised message.

	   This	string may contain placeholders; %1, %2, %3, and so on.	 These
	   will	be replaced by the values of the variables passed in the
	   "vars" key.

	   By convention this string should be enclosed	in parentheses,	"("
	   and ")".  This helps	make them stand	out in the interface, if
	   localised versions of the error message have	not yet	been written.

	   An array reference.	The first entry	in the array will replace the
	   %1 placeholder in "error", the second entry will replace the	%2
	   placeholder,	and so on.

	   If there are	no placeholders	then pass a reference to an empty

   A simple exception, with no placeholders.
       In the action:

	 sub run {
	     if(! frob_repo()) {
		 SVN::Web::X->throw(error => '(frob failed)',
				    vars  => []);

       In the en.po file for the localised text.

	 msgid "(frob failed)"
	 msgstr	"There was a problem trying to frob the	repository.  This "
	 "probably indicates a permissions problem."

   An exception	with placeholders
       In the action:

	 sub run {
	     # $path is	a repo path, $rev is a repo revision
	     my	$root =	$fs->revision_root($rev);
	     my	$kind =	$root->check_path($path);

	     if($kind == $SVN::Node::none) {
		 SVN::Web::X->throw(error => '(path %1 does not	exist in rev %2)',
				    vars  => [$path, $rev]);

       In the en.po file for the localised text.

	 msgid "(path %1 does not exist	in rev %2)"
	 msgstr	"The path <tt>%1</tt> could not	be found in the	repository "
	 "at revision %2.  This	may be a typo in the path or the revision "
	 "number.  SVN::Web should never normally generate a link like this. "
	 "If you followed a link from SVN::Web (rather than from an e-mail,
	 "or similar) please report this as a bug."

       As you can see, the localised text can be much friendlier and more
       informative to the user than the	error message.

       Copyright 2003-2004 by Chia-liang Kao "<>".

       Copyright 2005-2007 by Nik Clayton "<>".

       Copyright 2012 by Dean Hamstead "<>".

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

       See <>

perl v5.24.1			  2012-10-17			SVN::Web::X(3)


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