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SVK::Command::Update(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiSVK::Command::Update(3)

       SVK::Command::Update - Bring changes from repository to checkout	copies

	update [PATH...]

	-r [--revision]	REV    : act on	revision REV instead of	the head revision
	-N [--non-recursive]   : do not	descend	recursively
	-C [--check-only]      : try operation but make	no changes
	-s [--sync]	       : synchronize mirrored sources before update
	-m [--merge]	       : smerge	from copied sources before update
	-q [--quiet]	       : print as little as possible

       Synchronize checkout copies to revision given by	-r or to HEAD revision
       by default.

       For each	updated	item a line will start with a character	reporting the
       action taken. These characters have the following meaning:

	 A  Added
	 D  Deleted
	 U  Updated
	 C  Conflict
	 G  Merged
	 g  Merged without actual change

       A character in the first	column signifies an update to the actual file,
       while updates to	the file's props are shown in the second column.

       If both "--sync"	and "--merge" are specified, like in "svk up -sm", it
       will first synchronize the mirrored copy	source path, and then smerge
       from it.

perl v5.32.1			  2010-03-09	       SVK::Command::Update(3)


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