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SVK::Command::Ignore(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiSVK::Command::Ignore(3)

       SVK::Command::Ignore - Ignore files by setting svn:ignore property

	ignore PATH...

       Adds the	given paths to the 'svn:ignore'	properties of their parents,
       if they are not already there.

       (If a given path	contains a wildcard character (*, ?, [,	or \), the
       results are undefined --	specifically, the result of the	check to see
       if the entry is already there may not be	what you expected.  Currently
       it will not try to escape any such entries before adding	them.)

       To tell svk to start paying attention to	a file again, use the command
       'svk pe svn:ignore' to manually edit the	ignore list.

perl v5.24.1			  2008-08-05	       SVK::Command::Ignore(3)


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