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SPI_COMMIT(3)		 PostgreSQL 12.4 Documentation		 SPI_COMMIT(3)

       SPI_commit, SPI_commit_and_chain	- commit the current transaction

       void SPI_commit(void)

       void SPI_commit_and_chain(void)

       SPI_commit commits the current transaction. It is approximately
       equivalent to running the SQL command COMMIT. After a transaction is
       committed, a new	transaction has	to be started using
       SPI_start_transaction before further database actions can be executed.

       SPI_commit_and_chain is the same, but a new transaction is immediately
       started with the	same transaction characteristics as the	just finished
       one, like with the SQL command COMMIT AND CHAIN.

       These functions can only	be executed if the SPI connection has been set
       as nonatomic in the call	to SPI_connect_ext.

PostgreSQL 12.4			     2020			 SPI_COMMIT(3)


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