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todo(3)			   Library Functions Manual		       todo(3)

       todo - Todo List

       Class SDLmm::SRect
	   Extend the class with useful	utility	functions in regards to
	   rectangles like intersections.

       Class SDLmm::Surface
	   Implement a better constructor scheme, where	the first argument is
	   a dummy class which specified what to do. This would	allow a
	   construct where a surface can be loaded from	an image file without
	   first having	to create an unitialized object.

       Class SDLmm::VideoInfo
	   Build a status function allowing for	easier access to the flags.
	   This	can be done using a bitfield which would allow for checking
	   for multiple	features at once.

SDLmm				  16 Jul 2001			       todo(3)


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