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DICLIBINTRO(3)		   Library Functions Manual		DICLIBINTRO(3)

       DICLib intro - dictionary access	library	introduction

       The  dictionary	access library provides	basic functions	for kana-kanji
       conversion.  The	following files	are prerequisite to using the  dictio-
       nary access library:

       Header file
	      An include file that contains data and function declarations for
	      use by the kana-kanji conversion library.	 Include this file  at
	      compile time.

	      Kana-kanji  conversion  libraries.   Specify  "-lcanna"  at link

       The dictionary access library provides three major categories of	 func-

       !| Code conversion functions

	  Convert character string codes between double-width and single-width
	  characters and between hiragana and  katakana.   External  data  and
	  initialization procedures are	not required.

       !| Romaji-kana conversion functions

	  Convert  Romaji to kana by using a Romaji-kana conversion table that
	  defines the correspondence between Romaji and	kana.	The  rules  of
	  Romaji-kana  conversion  can	be  altered by making modifications to
	  this table.

       !| Kana-kanji conversion	functions

	  Convert kana to kanji	through	continuous clause conversion by	 using
	  a  kana-kanji	 conversion dictionary that defines the	correspondence
	  between readings and words.  Kana-kanji conversion can be  performed
	  to  meet  specific applications by making modifications to this dic-

       Among all the functions of Japanese input processing, this library per-
       forms  only  data conversion.  To be able to enter Japanese text	from a
       keyboard, therefore, it is necessary for	users to write a keyboard han-
       dling routine within the	application program.

       !| Code conversion functions

	  Rk(w)CvtZen		Convert	  ASCII	 characters  and  single-width
				katakana to double-width characters.

	  RkCvtHan		Convert	 double-width  symbols,	  alphanumeric
				characters,  hiragana, and katakana to single-
				width characters.

	  RkCvtKana		Convert	double-width hiragana to  double-width

	  RkCvtHira		Convert	 double-width katakana to double-width

	  RkCvtEuc		Convert	shift JIS code to EUC code.

       !| Romaji-kana conversion functions

	  RkOpenRoma		Open the dictionary  to	 use  for  Romaji-kana

	  RkCloseRoma		Close the dictionary used for Romaji-kana con-

	  RkMapRoma		Perform	 Romaji-kana  conversion  by  using  a
				specified Romaji-kana conversion dictionary.

	  RkCvtRoma		Convert	an entire character string from	Romaji
				to kana	by iteratively using RkMapRoma.

       !| Kana-kanji conversion	functions

	  RkInitialize		Initialize  the	 kana-kanji  conversion	 func-

	  RkFinalize		Terminate the kana-kanji conversion functions.

	  RkCreateContext	Create a new conversion	context.

	  RkDuplicateContext	Create	a  context  having the same conversion
				environment as a specified context.

	  RkCloseContext	Close a	specified conversion context.

	  RkGetDicList		Get the	names of   dictionaries	 that  can  be
				added to the dictionary	list.

	  RkMountDic		Mount a	dictionary in the dictionary list.

	  RkGetMountList	Get the	names of the currently mounted dictio-
				naries.	(or characters for RkwResize)

	  RkUnmountDic		Unmount	a specified dictionary from  the  dic-
				tionary	list.

	  RkRemountDic		Alter  the  priority order of a	dictionary al-
				ready in the dictionary	list.

	  RkBgnBun		Convert	the reading of a specified  length  to

	  RkEndBun		Terminate kana-kanji conversion.

	  RkGoTo		Set  the clause	with a specified clause	number
				as the current clause.

	  RkLeft		Move the current clause	to the clause  to  its

	  RkRight		Move the current clause	to its right.

	  RkXfer		Set  the  candidate with a specified candidate
				number as the current candidate.

	  RkNext		Set the	next candidate as the  current	candi-

	  RkPrev		Set the	previous candidate as the current can-

	  RkNfer		Set a reading itself as	the current candidate.

	  RkResize		Change	the  reading  length  of  the  current
				clause to len bytes.

	  RkEnlarge		Enlarge	the reading of the current clause.

	  RkShorten		Shorten	the reading of the current clause.

	  RkStoreYomi		Change	the reading of the current clause to a
				specified reading, reconverting	the subsequent

	  RkGetYomi		Get the	reading	of the current clause.

	  RkGetKanji		Get  the  current  candidate  for  the current

	  RkGetKanjiList	Get  all  kanji	 candidates  for  the  current

	  RkGetStat		Get  analysis  information  about  the current

	  RkGetLex		Get morphemic information on  each  word  that
				makes up the current candidate.

	  RkDefineDic		Define a specified candidate in	a dictionary.

	  RkDeleteDic		Delete	a  specified  candidate	from a dictio-



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