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Rex::Commands::PkgConfUser Contributed Perl DocumentaRex::Commands::PkgConf(3)

       Rex::Commands::PkgConf -	Configure packages

       With this module	you can	configure packages. Currently it only supports
       Debian (using debconf), but it is designed to be	extendable.

	my %options = get_pkgconf('postfix');
	say $options{'postfix/relayhost'}->{value};

	# Only obtain one value
	my %options = get_pkgconf('postfix', 'postfix/relayhost');
	say $options{'postfix/relayhost'}->{value};

	# Set options
	set_pkgconf("postfix", [
	   {question =>	'chattr', type => 'boolean', value => 'false'},
	   {question =>	'relayhost', type => 'string', value =>	''},

	# Don't	update if it's already set
	set_pkgconf("mysql-server-5.5",	[
	   {question =>	'mysql-server/root_password', type => 'string',	value => 'mysecret'},
	   {question =>	'mysql-server/root_password_again', type => 'string', value => 'mysecret'},
	], no_update =>	1);

   get_pkgconf($package, [$question])
       Use this	to query existing package configurations.

       Without a question specified, it	will return all	options	for the
       specified package as a hash.

       With a question specified, it will return only that option

       Each question is	returned with the question as the key, and the value
       as a hashref. The hashref contains the keys: question, value and
       already_set. already_set	is true	if the question	has already been

	# Only obtain one value
	my %options = get_pkgconf('postfix', 'postfix/relayhost');
	say $options{'postfix/relayhost'}->{question};
	say $options{'postfix/relayhost'}->{value};
	say $options{'postfix/relayhost'}->{already_set};

   set_pkgconf($package, $values, [%options])
       Use this	to set package configurations.

       At least	the package name and values must be specified. Values must be
       an array	ref, with each item containing a hashref with the attributes
       specified that are required by the package configuration	program.

       For example, for	debconf, this must be the question, the	type and
       answer. In this case, the types can be any accetable debconf type:
       string, boolean,	select,	multiselect, note, text, password.

       Optionally the option "no_update" may be	true, in which case the
       question	will not be updated if it has already been set.

       See the synopsis	for examples.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-05	     Rex::Commands::PkgConf(3)


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