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Regexp::Lexer::TokenTyUser)Contributed Perl DocumenRegexp::Lexer::TokenType(3)

       Regexp::Lexer::TokenType	- Token	types of Regexp::Lexer

       This module provides token types	for Regexp::Lexer.

       Format of token type is bellow;

	       id => <ID of token>,
	       name => <name of	token>

       If you want to identify the token, I highly recommend you to use	"id".

       o   Character

       o   BeginningOfLine

       o   EndOfLine

       o   MatchAny

       o   Alternation

       o   LeftParenthesis

       o   RightParenthesis

       o   LeftBracket

       o   RightBracket

       o   LeftBrace

       o   RightBrace

       o   LeftAngle

       o   RightAngle

       o   Equal

       o   Plus

       o   Minus

       o   Asterisk

       o   Sharp

       o   Cap

       o   Comma

       o   Colon

       o   Exclamation

       o   Question

       o   ArraySigil

       o   ScalarSigil

       o   SingleQuote

       o   DoubleQuote

       o   Newline

       o   Return

       o   Unknown

       o   EscapedCharacter

       o   EscapedTab

       o   EscapedNewline

       o   EscapedReturn

       o   EscapedFormFeed

       o   EscapedAlarm

       o   EscapedEscape

       o   EscapedControlChar

       o   EscapedCharHex

       o   EscapedCharUnicode

       o   EscapedCharOct

       o   EscapedLowerNext

       o   EscapedUpperNext

       o   EscapedLowerUntil

       o   EscapedUpperUntil

       o   EscapedQuoteMetaUntil

       o   EscapedEnd

       o   EscapedWordChar

       o   EscapedNotWordChar

       o   EscapedWhiteSpaceChar

       o   EscapedNotWhiteSpaceChar

       o   EscapedDigitChar

       o   EscapedNotDigitChar

       o   EscapedProp

       o   EscapedNotProp

       o   EscapedUnicodeExtendedChar

       o   EscapedCChar

       o   EscapedBackRef

       o   EscapedKeepStuff

       o   EscapedNotNewline

       o   EscapedVerticalWhitespace

       o   EscapedNotVerticalWhitespace

       o   EscapedHorizontalWhitespace

       o   EscapedNotHorizontalWhitespace

       o   EscapedLinebreak

       o   EscapedWordBoundary

       o   EscapedNotWordBoundary

       o   EscapedBeginningOfString

       o   EscapedEndOfStringBeforeNewline

       o   EscapedEndOfString

       o   EscapedPos

       o   EscapedFoldcase

       Copyright (C) moznion.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

       moznion <>

perl v5.32.1			  2015-02-07	   Regexp::Lexer::TokenType(3)


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