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Reaction::Manual::UnicUser3Contributed Perl DocumeReaction::Manual::Unicode(3)

       Reaction::Manual::Unicode - Unicode support in Reaction

       This document gives you notes about using Unicode in Reaction.

Working	with Catalyst
       Catalyst	has a plugin which is named Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode, It
       decodes the request parameters to utf8 when preparing parameters, and
       decodes the response body after the request is finalized. Since,
       Reaction	uses utf8 by default, and does this already. So, you should
       avoid using the Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode.

Note about LayoutSet
       LayoutSet files MUST be in utf8,	since ASCII is a subset	of utf8, You
       don't need to worry about anything if you are using plain ASCII.	But
       people who uses CJK, must be sure to configure your editors to save
       files in	utf8.

Note about Database
       If you don't see	the correct result. Be sure to double check the
       database	related	configuration (connecting parameter or database	server
       side config for example). Database MUST be configured to	use utf8.
       Reaction	won't decode or	encode anything. It just return	the data as it
       is from database.

       o   Reaction::Manual

       o   utf8

       See Reaction::Class for authors.

       See Reaction::Class for the license.

perl v5.32.0			  2010-10-30	  Reaction::Manual::Unicode(3)

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